HMC 09: Mcquarrie Fett/Diorama


This is the 1st time i’m in any challenge.
I’m not sure if i can find enough time to finish off this model.
i’ll finish this after this challenge if i can’t meet the deadline in time which is in 2+weeks time.
I’ll see this as more of a practise and take this chance to learn Zbrush or Mudbox.

Personal reminder
DEADLINE! Monday, July 9th 12:00 PM

Web Reference:

  • helmet


looking good so far. Never knew that Boba was originally white.


- basic blocking

  • torso


last update for the day 01.

  • backpack


Looking good, man. Is it just me, or is the helmet slightly bigger than it should be?


Yav > i thought the helmet was looking slightly fat from the frontal render, I’ve scaled it slightly to make it more sleek.

  • belt + gun hostler


I love Mcquarrie’s work and pleased to see his original designs brought to life. The poncho would really be a nice touch if you could manage it.


Intially I had wanted to do up the infamous scene that started the StarWars but i wanted to learn zbrush/mudbox so i choose a slightly more organic character - bobafett.

As for that poncho, I’m gonna leave it omit it from the scene. it shouldn’t be too hard to do. but it will surely cover up alot of details i’m gonna build eventually.


last update before i head home from office.

  • boots


Wow, Jango Fetts dad :). Cool , I think when were done, all these Fetts should go on a rampage.
Looks really nice, I hope you keep the clean look too, it makes him look unassailable., like he is very regimental, and you gotta have him on cloud city somwhere, the lighting will suit it.


last update for day02.

  • blaster

couldn’t find any reference on mcquarrie concept weapon, used the exsiting fett’s concussion grenade launcher instead.

Airflow> Its nt jango’s dad. :rolleyes:
As for the clean look, i will do up textures after all modelling has been done. Its currently only basic shaders applied.


I know, but wouldnt it be nice if he was :P…
They are all clones of him… Bit I can help seeing them all go on a outing to the seaside… :slight_smile:

  • arms + pants ( temporary )

left with some pockets + pants detailing before i move on to mudboxing/zbrush.
Which one of them is easier to pick up?

task left on hand

  • learn to detail in mudbox/zbrush
  • texturing painting/mapping
  • rigging
  • posing


Good start, the proportions of the arms and legs look a little off though (might just be the angle?), the forearm particularly looks really short and the overall impression I get is that he’s a bit on the short side (maybe 5 ft tall?).


LOL, he now looks like Vile from MegamanX!:bounce:


cosmonaut> You were right, the proportions were quite off, i matched it against the reference to scaled them correctly.
I won’t be working on this for a while, got a 3 day workshop to attend.
Hopefully it would be a fruitful and inspirational one…


it’s cool to see this version of boba coming to life. watch your silhouette, especially on the legs. yours are very straight, but the concept has some nice curves in it,

  • Temuera

Todays the last day of the workshop, gonna be back in action tml…
something i whipped up before going for the workshop. I think its probably not gonna be seen but i just thought of doing up something underneath that hollow bucket.