HL2 Mod looking for modellers


We all remember Ironman’s Super Offroad don’t we? A brilliant game made in 1992 by Ivan Stewart.
Upgrade your tires, top speed, shocks or acceleration, maybe buy some nitro blasts and go, go, go!

Now imagine the engine capabilities of the new Half Life 2 and total multiplayer mania…
All players spawn in their teams lobby. Here they can either join the spectators or sign-up to drive.
In Ironman Offroad Championships it’s not ALL about upgrading and racing, if you fail to qualify for the next race you join the spectators… as a spectator the fun starts: you can assist your fellow teammates by throwing stuff on the track to obstruct the other team.

You can even place mines, and thus destroy the other cars, on the other hand, you can help your teammates by putting flags on mines you’ve discoverd, maybe drop some nitro’s for him to use or helping the poor fella back on 4 wheels! (these are just examples)

A MOD for HL2, called Ironman Offroad: Championships is now in development and
is looking for a good moddeler and/or 2d artist.

  • models will be around 4000 poly’s (LOD based)
  • 3dsmax, XSI, Maya

object that will have to be modelled:

  • the buggy (2 or 3 different types)
  • several track objects
  • several power ups
  • characters (3 or 4 different types)
  • several lobby objects

check out
for more information and screenshots.

NOTE: All screenshots are made in Half Life 1, the OLD game, the MOD will, ofcoarse, be in HL2.

Music will be done by rock artist www.werring.net and blues artist www.jorisbos.nl.

the Netherlands

feel free to discuss below


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