Hive R8


close ups :slight_smile:


dude the details are amazing compared to other entries in here, you really nailed it down, how did you made up all these details? :eek:


thanks really appreciate your comments. :slight_smile: well once im done wtih my whole background i usually merged them all then duplicate it, then use the transform tool, flip and distort.


more close ups


fantastic stuff man! you’ve nailed color scheme and pretty much everything else in this optimistic future style. simply love the nostalgic feel in your images!

good luck!


thanks a lot man, glad you like the nostalgic feel in it. I want to let the viewer see a close style to Syd Mead’s rendering, not just the vehicle but also the background and people in it. :arteest:


from the best until now
who know may be will come a new desgin in the last days of the contest and kick yours :stuck_out_tongue:


“from the best until now” oohh one of the flattering comments that i recieved… thanks a lot man :slight_smile: really appreciate the attention you gave on my images. about the kicking part, you made me laugh. LOL , i know there’s be more coming this 2 weeks and i bet they’ll kick most of the entries here. I’ll leave my work to the judges. Wish me luck and good luck in your entry also.


oooh, That’s one hot mom!!! I like how you make those details on the reflections.


techguy-- thanks man. :arteest:


techguy-- thanks man.


so many great entries this last week… wew…


Mgela? :slight_smile:


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