Hive R8


The HIVE R8 is a classic luxury car with a longitudinally mounted mid-engine and uses HIVE’s trademark quattro permanent four hovering wheel system. Introduce in year 2020 after Audia Serano, HIVE R8 can hover up to 5ft from the ground and can accelerate to 70 mph (100 km/h) in 3.14 (3.1) seconds[12] and can reach 100 mph (160 km/h) in 6.6 seconds. It has gained a more powerful internal combustion engine,larger uprated brakes, firmer suspension and is designed for a smooth easy driving with auto piloting. A single turbocharged 3.2 litre inline five-cylinder powered the original Audi serano version.

It's a fine sunday morning in Santa Fe Village and Mrs. Robertson, the owner of the HIVE R8 is going to the SM supermarket to buy some food for the week, that's her  calling her son Billy (right) who's talking to his friend Jonny (left). 

Speed is the equivalent exchange of a free life... 
--by Edward Peterson

AUDIA SERANO…?f=309&t=882345
Mac-3 version 2 ----…?f=309&t=884937
Volt S5…?f=309&t=887832
HIVE R8…?f=309&t=889815
Rozzy R5
EON-X1 -


perfect design and style for a Syd Mead contest :slight_smile:
look really nice… I like the small details on the reflections, good job


Csicso3d-- thanks man :slight_smile: really appreciate it. This is one of my favorites among my other entries.


This is simply awesome. I’ll be highly surprised if at least one of your entries doesn’t place.


TMunro-- thanks a lot. :slight_smile: i hope so too… LOL good luck also in your entry… hoping to see it soon…


yeah… hoping I can make the deadline, I have a literature review to get handed in… with any luck Ill have a week at the end of the month to work on the comp.


ok, well there’s still lots of time :wink: … thanks again.


[font=Arial][color=white]This is definitely my favourite one of your entries. Your chrome detail and textures are excellent. I’m impressed with how you generate these images so quickly. The people in the far distance are good but if I would make any kind of crit I would only hope for a little bit more detail in the girl. But a great entry none the less. Best of luck cgdigi[/color][/font]


Aww maaan! Will you stop posting all these cool designs, you are making the rest of us look bad!..

Another cool design and illustration mate.


:slight_smile: sorry i can’t help it… the rendering of syd’s illustrations are addicting for me… not true, 80 percent of the works here are very nice… :stuck_out_tongue: good luck in your entry!!


:slight_smile: thank you…, for the characters i didn’t over done the details since they are far and it might caught the attention on the scene. Best of luck also in your entry! :wink:


Whooww Bro! you sure have a lot of entries! :eek: I bet you still have tons of pieces to post before this contest end XD

This one is my fav! and that urban truck stuff you did too… cool!
Good luck!! treat me if you win! ok?! hahahahahha :twisted: :buttrock:


This really awesome!The combination between the old Bentley design and the future-Syd Mead Style-parts is great!
I wish you luck with your artworks in this contest!:slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: LOL ok bro that wouldn’t be a problem :wink: eat all you can… yeah i think ill pass one or two more, if i still have time :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man,glad you like the overall render of this image. i really put a lot of hardwork on this one. :arteest:




I admire how you present your entries. When i first look of this HIVE R8, I thought it was Syd’s artwork, you really got the style of its rendering and the design too! Very good job on this, definitely going for the prize.


techguy-- :slight_smile: that was a very nice compliment, really much appreciated. :bounce: my artwork is only 20 percent good compared to Syd… hehe but i’m glad to hear it looks similar to his rendering… thanks a lot.


interesting concept :slight_smile:


D-maso = thanks :slight_smile: