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Re: Kirt.

If someone can get the rigs to run on Maya 5.0, I’m more than happy to do the animation. But really, I think what defeated us on this project is the software.

We’ve had quite a few offers to do the animation work but they simply did not have the correct software. This was the reason I suggested Blender before the project began.

I didn’t come to propose it lightly…


  1. Avaliability.
  2. Its free.
  3. We are only animating simple primitives - not complex CGI humans or Cave Trolls.
  4. We have everyone using the same software - we are in the position to help each other out if problems arise in the use of the app.


  1. Learning a new 3D app is always annoying.
  2. Does crash once in a while.
  3. Would increase the project schedule by a good month or two due to learning.

…but that is just my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I have given serious thought to actually upgrading to the latest Maya to get the work finished…but I strongly believe it was the way to go.


I just wanted to add another thing.

Maya is my app of choice as I think it gives us superior animation and programming tools. And I have to admit that asking a professional to change tools is damn outrageous, but for this one perticular instance I think it would have been a suitable solution.

Thats the problem when doing a project over the internet. When you get a group of pros together in a studio - they have the best money can buy. But when it comes to different people - who in most cases who have never met each other - over the internet, perhaps maybe it would be in some way wise to take advantage of what tools the internet has to offer. It is the battle ground, afterall! :smiley:

But then again, if the next project is going to include more complex characters, then we may have to use one of the higher apps anyway. :shrug:

Perhaps we could have had seperate teams? An XSI team, a Maya team, a 3DSMax team? Working on different shots? Maybe thats the middle ground! :lightbulb


I’m back!

Sorry for the (extreme) delay in getting back to you guys, I promise I’ll be much more attentive here. I’m busy with college at the moment, so I hope you can forgive me…

I did have ONE IDEA:

Instead of everyone working on their own part of the short, maybe EVERYONE should submit their own ‘version’ of the scene? That way it could be kinda like the DSG, with Kirt picking his favorites out of the submitted scenes. Make it like a mini competition, with the winners getting their bits in the final cut.

What do you think? I bet it would speed things up and make it more fun for the people involved.


I’m out of this but… paperclip has come up with a great idea, it would enable people to have more fun and freedom.


Thanks, Funky…all we have to do now is try and attract the attention of any passing animators!!

(wish we could get a front page plug or something…anything…)


I owe you an apology Kirt .

I was very busy on my own short these last few weeks, fortunately I have finish it and I’m waiting for the sound designing and music pieces, so I can say I have time for this now.

I dont want to see this little project gets down too, It looks really very easy task and it’s a shame that we a bunch of cgtalker pros couldn’t lift it up!

My bad, but it’s not late, yet. give me a few days to figure out what has been happend here and how things work out.




Something else… where can I find which animator should animate wich scene? not such a list or so? is it up to them totaly? I have no problem with this way but I just want to know if there is a breakdown.


If you look at the threads of each group, you’ll see a breakdown of who’s supposed to be animating what, but since people keep dropping out/ not keeping up, it’s hard to see what’s going on. Welcome, man. :thumbsup:


This sounds interesting…sorry to be the eternal noob but what was this short meant to be about? Is there a link to the original thread?


Short Film FAQ- Read this first!
Progress Report - HTML Chart
Simple Life: Storyboards & Notes

That should get you up to date on the project. Things got off to an OK start but progress has recently slumped. If you are interested in animating and know a bit of Maya, let us know as we are in need of some animators.


I know this is dumb, … but … where is ‘each group thread’?! :slight_smile:


In this forum somewhere…

Group ONE- Animation, Texturing, Lighting.
Group TWO: Animation, texturing, lighting.
Group THREE: Animation, texturing, Lighting.


You may laugh at me, but for some strange reasons, I was not able to find these directly from the forum, even with setting the show option to ‘from the begining’. this is proof!


And one more thread of importance …

Simple Life: Current Needs (sign in/out here!)


Re: Kirt.

I’m on for Animating. Gimme a few days and I’ll be on it. :thumbsup:


How exciting! :bounce:

I think this would be perfect for a project on the side.
And I would love to be a part of it, if I may.


You may. :smiley:

See my previous post for threads of importance and get crackin’ :wip:

At this point I’m curious to see who produces something tangible first. The race is on … GO!


I can’t unroll the [color=Orange]A_Simple_Life_Story.rar file… can someone *.zip it, please?


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