Hinted Hills, Hossein Afzali (3D)


Amazing work. Congratulations!



  • Ty


Very nice characters, color and style. Congratulations!


wow x-lant work i like it u dont 4get any think but jest 1 more comeent 4 u the matel hes need more shiny ok

goodluck 4 ever :thumbsup:


so sweet!
let it move!!! :wink:


It’s uplifting to see an image where a kid rides a robot for nothing else than having harmless fun! No guns, no explosions. Just a nice landscape and the kid having a great time. Unique!

My first impression was very good about the colors. They’re vivid while being consistent. You have great taste. Textures are awesome. I find the bees, on the other hand, rather inconsistent, because they look flat, and the tone is reddish, which I don’t like. I’d try to give them some fur and change the tone to a yellow-orange. Other than that, superb job!:thumbsup:


Thank you Carlos for your comment and critic, it will be useful for me!
about the bees and pink colours , I had 2 reasons to select this colour for my bees:

the first was that I had a lot of green and yellow colours in my scene, which it gave a warm feature to my image, whene I gave a yellow colour to my bees at first, I thought they will lose in image and also I had enough yellows. so I decided to select a Pink, Red-Pink to complete my green areas too.

the second reason was that, I would like to complete the feeling of kid, looking with passion to pink bees, I think God created bees by yellow, and I can creat it with another color in my land :slight_smile:
Thanks alot for your attention Carlos!


I’ve looked at the image again, and I think you’re right, but still, I would make the bees a little bit oranger. Creativity is what makes us free at the end, and it’s a matter of interpretation. I like yours. Cheers!


Really great! love it!


I like your style very much!
Expecting your next work.:applause:


I lovely fresh break from all the goules and monsters ! The mech reminds of those lumbering spacemen at the beginning of the movie The Fifth Element. Great work !


oau. the scene looks like a fairy tale. the colors are so warm and powerfull.
love it


Really great works *****s


This is very good, I like it!


Love it, great work !



to favorites ;]


Nice Job , Good Style.:cool:


Hehe really funny image.
It reminds me of the Tauren starting zone in World of Warcraft :slight_smile:

My only crit would be the mountain, it looks a bit too flat.

Nice job!


VERY cool illustration! Love the character design and the mood.

The background mountain almost looks like a different style/image. It appear too regular to make sense with the foreground. It also conflicts with the 2 character’s style (the Indian and robot) in that it’s too similar but not quite the same. It attracts too much attention and detracts from the gestalt, I think.


I love the green pastures. For me, it’s like a place where you can be free to be just you and be spontaneous. Like you can just go round and round. It has a peaceful effect. And of course, great animation! =)