Hinted Hills, Hossein Afzali (3D)


Title: Hinted Hills
Name: Hossein Afzali
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max Mudbox Photoshop VRay
Submitted: 10th January 2010


Fantastic! -Design is superb. Composition is lovely too! :slight_smile:


nice work man… except for the hair flow near the ear and eye, flawless…
loves it…


i just love love love it!
amazing colors!


This Is Fantasy , Nice Work:bounce:


beautiful work! love the colors and feel :slight_smile:


I love the colours, just great!


Colours and mood are super!
But some lack of details on hills on background.


Dear Hossein.
it’s Very nice and perfect work .
i like this style. I think you can make a profesional animation with this. :thumbsup:
Best regards.


hi guys, thanks to all for the comments and critics!
I will keep it all in my mind! :slight_smile:
here is one of my first and basic concepts:


This is real quality work, great!


Fantastic work :bowdown: . I agree with FirechameleoN about the hair.


I like it, especially the character face. congrats


awesome work dude!
I wonder what the big flowers (pink) in your concept sketch would make the final into.
I realy like them too.



Beautiful scene.
Both characters look lovely. :thumbsup:


Amazing work, just love the idea and design…


I Lovee it:X :bounce: :bowdown: :love:


I love it! Keep it up. :thumbsup:


AMZ WORK MAN , i LIKE YOUR color S sO MUCH :buttrock:


thanks alot guys for your support!!..