Hinge Rigging without Dynamics



I’m seeking some guidance on a mechanical hinge rig without using Dynamics/Connectors. Currently I have a motor with an Arm (yellow) that drives a Pushrod (red), which drives the hinge Horn(blue). I’m parenting the Pushrod to the Arm and using an UpVector Constraint to aim the Pushrod at the connection of the Pushrod and Horn (star shape). The Horn’s pivot is at its base and it’s also using an UpVector Constraint to aim at the connection with the Pushrod. This sort of works, but there is some sliding at the end of the animation that doesn’t really sell that these objects are connected. Also, there’s a nasty pop out of position at Frame 0.


I think it’s an issue with the cycle I’ve created: both objects are targeted to Nulls that are parented to the other. The animation is closer when the Pushrod’s UpVector constraint is a higher Priority.

Can you please suggest a better way for connecting these mechanical objects? My scene file is attached. Thank you!
Hinge.zip (281.6 KB)


What about joints ?

joints.c4d (826.6 KB)


@jed1949 You are a very gifted rigger! That works perfectly, thank you very much! :smile: