Hime, Michael Chang Ting Yu (2D)


Title: Hime
Name: Michael Chang Ting Yu
Country: Hong Kong
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everyone , this is my latest work,
after getting hte feedbacks of the previous posts, I decide to paint in more colourful tone again, and ofcourse a beautiful asian legendary girl should be perfect of that.
the title is HIME, it means princess in Japanese, and the creature is some chinese dragon like creature with my own design and creation, I hope you like it!


good job bro!


I found more colours from this painting! Overall looks just great, love the mood and feelings!!! You´re awesome like always… Looking forward for more~
All the best, Michael. xxx :thumbsup:


Your paintings are very beautiful
But should put more time on this skin legs


Hey, great work michael!
A japanese princess with foreigner face!
and she is sexy :stuck_out_tongue:
Still petty as always.


it didn’t bother me when you painted with less color tones - quite the opposite - i liked it.
but i must admit that this painting is also great :wink:
“the beauty and the beast” just a bit different i guess =)
keep up the good work!


This is beautiful work man… I love the colors and atmosphere…


Luv your work agian!Like your texture on female character skin.


The color palette is beautiful, the dragon is really cool!, the girl is awesome and the skin natural… I have nothing bad to say :wink:


This is so great. I love it~:cool:
Well done!


Your picture are wonderful color~!


That is a beautiful drawing, Mic.
I love the color and the design the both characters, the sexy girl and the dragon look creature.
Keep it up!!


Thanks everyone, by getting the support from you guys, I will try my best to do more better arts and show to you guys again


beautiful,so glad to see another new works from ya:)love the overall color palette and i like the way u made the subtle glittering highlight on her skin.keep it coming bro,i look forward to see more:thumbsup:


dude!this is cool concept!I like the face of the girl and the dragon.the color and lighting are awesome.
post more!!


Your color palette was bold and successful. Beautiful work!


thanks very much for the feedbacks, compare with the comments from the previous works, I found that the using of colour this time is working good, and I am very happy that you guys were noticed that I did quite much effort on makeing the skin and colours.
either the comments are good or bad, I learned alot, thanks very much


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