Hiking, Luke Nguyen (2D)


Title: Hiking
Name: Luke Nguyen
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

A digital painting based on my bobby in hiking, cute characters and monsters . All done in photoshop during my free time after work. Crits are welcome. Hope you all enjoy


This has a “With the Wild Ones” kind of feel, but with bright colors. It’s a little busy, composition wise (lots of monsters and foliage), and the lighting is too bright on the characters and that one monster. We’re losing depth and the characters are becoming indistinct (making them harder to see or notice). This forum puts this at a smaller size than it probably would be, though, but once I study the characters for a minute I like them more (almost an anime type style; very cute). I like the details and the colors use, it’s mostly depth, varying degrees of sharpness and contrast, and lighting that you’re having trouble with, which is understandable since there’s a lot to look at here. Keep it up, though. This has a lot of potential. Great job.


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