Hiiri's random string of sketches


I figured I might as well make a sketchbook, atleast it will make me sketch more hahaha.

I’m currently developing a concept about a cursed ancient tribe called the Motheaters. The concept is still pretty vague but I figured I should try sketching a bit so I can get inspired enough to do the entire image.

So, here’s a head study. I’m mainly trying to get the feel of the colours and practising painting heads without references. Her face is a bit wonky, I know :-/


And another head, dum dum dum.


You have a beautiful style, I love how you paint faces.


Beautiful work. No referenecs too, … :cry: damn! Skin tones are brilliant. Well done!


Sylanya : Thank you!

pap87: Thanks :smiley: I’m trying to concentrate on painting skin well, sketching a- head-a-day seems to help. I love painting faces :smiley:

Here’s thefull sketch, subject to major changes.I think I’ll stick to the colours though.


Just some hand practice, from a pic by me.

No colour picking(except within my own painting, sometimes that’s faster)/tracing/blahblah.


Very nice drawings in here :slight_smile:

The hand looks so warm and good to touch :slight_smile:


Yes, the translucency in the fingers is captured perfectly. I’m jealous…
I could learn an awful lot from you. :slight_smile:
Keep up the brilliant work.


you’ve got good ones in here.

will keep tabs. :thumbsup:


frostblade, pap87, Salubri3i : Thanks!

Some more from ref now, a self-portrait.My mom thinks it looks more like me than the photo does, yay!
It looks a little stiff though, bleh.

Full version


aww hiiri :love:

your stuff in the Rembrandt thread was awesome, and you have lovely work here too. Hands are my favourite so far. Not sure what to suggest about the stiffness you feel in the self portrait…maybe try to approach the painting again more loosely and find an expressive line? A propos, I know it’s not in your style, but i’ve always admired the spontaneity of this portrait by wasssup

don’t know what you think…just throwing things at you :smiley:


Thanks audit:D That sketch is really nice. All his work is brilliant:D Thanks for the link!

I’m really enjoying your sketches too, I’m stalking you :stuck_out_tongue:


An update to the motheater pic.

Her right had looks really odd because of the foreshortening, I need to change it :sad:


Your Motheater pic is beautiful! I really like the close up of the girl’s face. I’ll come back regularly to look for more sketches!! :slight_smile:


Oooh, cool thread, I’m subscribing! The thing that strikes me in your self-portrait is the way the hair springs from the head top-left (right to the viewer). It looks almost like a bald spot which I can’t imagine is there in reality.:slight_smile: Other than that it looks fine to me, sweet!


Kelandra: Thank you :smiley: I changed the girl’s face quite a bit, I’ll post it here later. I decided I didn’t want her to look cute, hehe.

Maladie?: Ah yes, I added a little too much skin there, my mistake.I don’t have a bald spot :smiley:

and YET another girl-face. I should draw more men and creatures and such…


The hair is this one is amazing, you really captured the volume here. The amidala lips are kinda a cool touch too. She is perhaps a tad pale/blue looking, but that’s not really a crit - just an observation - and it doesn’t detract in anyway. :thumbsup:


You probably did it on purpose, but her eyes are very far apart - almost two eyes in between instead of the conventional one. Anyway I do like the slightly alien look it results in:).


Well, the guy in your portfolio is pretty damn good. Generally people that are good at drawing girls tend to make guys look feminine, but your case isn’t one of them and that’s good.


LabyrinthineMind: Funny, I was thinking of geisha lips, but now I’m not too sure. I had to look up amidala lips to see what you meant , heh. But thanks for pointing that out:D

Maladie: I’ll be honest here, I didn’t do it on purpose, hahaha. I stopped doing line drawings a while ago and now I paint and try to mould random blobs into recognisable forms. So I guess I lose the proportions at times, but one day I’ll get better at it ;). I did a quick readjustment but I think I like the original better. I must spend more time and not be in a hurry to post images though.
I didn’t do it too well though, she’s looking cross-eyed. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/hiiri/ishanew.jpg

pap87: Thanks :smiley: I think I have phases, in the first and second year of art school I drew only old men, hahaha. Someone actually thought I had a old-man fetish or something.