Highway Duel : update


Just wanted to post a brief video showing a few storyboards and early animatics from my car animation Highway Duel.
Its been many years on this spare time project but I`m close to finishing (just organizing sound for it). Then I hope to try and get it into a few short animation festivals.

For now here’s a short selection of bits and pieces : -


And my original trailer for those who may not have seen it : - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbUKgvYJ12s


Looks great! I cant wait to see the finished shot.


Thanks, just stalled on finding a sound designer for the moment.

Still, here’s another behind the scenes video while I try and get this sorted out.)



A short video showing some audio recording for my car animation and a very brief clip of how it currently plays.
Been mixing the audio for a few weeks now, 60% there…



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