Highpoly (Cartoon) Modeler/Texture/Shader Artist wanted for Freelance


Hi guys,

we are looking for one or two skilled Highpoly Freelance Artists. Its recommended you…

… have at least 3 years of experience in the industry and/or a strong portfolio in the particular field.
… have knowledge of cartoon style modeling and texturing ( only environments )
… use 3ds Max 2012
… work from your office

We cant give away many details without NDA but I can say this:

You will create complete cartoon scenery environments of a fantasy world in highpoly with 3ds max.
For your information: No Characterartists needed!

If you see your self qualified please contact us via kontakt[@]polygonfabrik.de.
Please put the name of this thread in the email header, thanks!




Your site URL does not work.
Sent a PM.


So when you say high poly are you meaning next-gen quality(10’s or 100’s of thousands of tri’s) or do you mean like architectural quality(millions of tris’) ? Are these models going to be unwrapped or vertex painted? Just curious as to the technical nature of the work… thanks!


I am sry, seems i messed it up with the url input. If you copy it to your browser it should work

By high poly i mean " as much polies as you need!". If thats a million, thats fine :wink: but you dont always need turbosmooth or something similar for a highpoly look in my opinion.
Some objects of course need to be unwrapped. Vertexpaint is a mothod we use sometimes.
These environments will be rendered for background graphics.


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