High school student seeks large amount of critiscism


Hi, i have been doing 3d for about 6 months now, and am a Junior in High School, I have been obssessd “probably no where no near the mojority of people on here”, but all the same if any one has tips or suggestions on this project ive started, and yes i know I have not added lighting to it yet" so and thing you notice wrong please comment " no essays please :smiley: " im jk


I would suggest you post a URL or .jpg if you want criticism. Other criticisms: get a haircut and and try some mouthwash.


here i tried to attach it again, thanks for the advice about the mouth wash, and i just got a hair cut:cool:


Hi Beeched

Looks like a pretty funny scene. Is it an animation or still. What is teh story etc



well unfortunatley till im done with finals itsgoing to be a still, but after its going to be an anamation about an alien encounter which is why there is a telescope, behind him, but what happens in the ncounterr is yet to be determined


Some nice stuff going on there. You’ve got a nice sense of narrative and I love the texture on the ice on the ground.

Something to look for (just at a quick glance) is to make sure you have shadows activated. Without at least a little bit of shadows (although BLACK shadows are not correct either), things appear to be floating and it becomes difficult to see how things are in relation to each other.

Also, you might want to dirty things up. think of the Diffusion channel - it can help things become a little less “computery.”

Good stuff. keep up the work and keep showing stuff.



hey thanx for the advice im done with finals tommorow :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: and then im planning on trying those tips all repost when i think i have fixed some of them


well i changed the snow slightly and made his scarf green with a little more texture, and added some lighting effects too it.


ummm you need to bevel your sharp edges to help soften all the hard edges you have in your scene


Excuse for being such a newb but how do u use beval to get rid of sharp edges, you do mean, the beval under the structure menu dont you


beveling all depends on how you modeled the objects…so it depends for the most part you should just plan ahead not to have sharp egdes when designing…

you textures and shaders are a little boring try adding atleast some bump to them also try some more dynamic lighting (eg. colors , less intese but more light…gobos )


thanx for the advice ill get on the lighting and texture right away and see what i can do with the edges


just a thought about the lighting - what about some sort of “northern lights” aurora borialis (sp?) in the sky? Nice and spacey plus it would link in with your alien encounter idea? Er just dont ask me how??! Maybe you could use a a photo as a background object?


Thanks thats a really great idea, and does work perfectly with the story line


all you need now is someone to come up with an animated shader of the northern lights! anyone…?:wink:


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