High School Project


Hello, Im 16, Im in High School in New York. Im thinking of Making a Studio when I get out of School (after college). So I thought that I would try to see how it is, as soon as school starts I will be trying to recruit anyone who does 3D or programs to either make a video game or a small movie. do any of you think this could work. and if anyone would like to help. This project wont start until september, but I just wanted to get feedback first.


Where are you thinking about going to college? I live in nyc now too and am going to sva. I’m sure there are some people out there that would want to do it… so, yea it could work :slight_smile:


I’d be intrested. I live in NY and in a few week’s I’m moving to NYC to go to college there. (Fashion Institute of Technology for jewelry Design and I got into a class on 3d modeling)


cool. well well see I can only see who can help once school stars but id love for you to help. :beer:


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