High School Animation Club?


I am a freshman in High School and a semi-proficient animator/modeler. Many people at school have shown some interest towards CGI in general and there are no school programs what-so-ever having anything to do with CGI. So I was thinking about forming a club dedicated to CGI animation. This would tie into many other school classes. Is this a crazy idea? Has anyone heard of this before?


Its not a crazy idea at all. We had something small in my highschool…by that, I mean a guy knew some stuff and showed us how to use (man I’m gonna date myself) Ray Dream Studio. So definitely go for it.

Some things to keep in mind though…
1-what is the goal/idea/theme of the group? (CGI only, animation in general, enhancing drawing skills, etc.)
2-try to get a feel for anyone else who may be interested in the club to help you get it going. There’s no point in doing it if nobody will join. Then just work on in in your lonesome.
4-what ‘rules’ does your school have about starting such groups?
5- where are you located? Maybe there is a company that produces stuff in your area. That could be a huge asset.

If you have a vision, go for it. I’m sure you can hit up these forums too for any ideas on stuff.


My school is located in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin, it is kind of a back water when it comes to animation or art in general. The school does have a very strong music department though. I have talked to some people and the seemed like they may whant to join if it becomes official.


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