High Grounds, sorin bechira (2D)


Title: High Grounds
Name: sorin bechira
Country: Romania
Software: Photoshop

Work for the latest art pack from Slash Three - “30th Century”.
link to the pack here: <a href=“http://www.slashthree.com/artpacks/8/”>www.slashthree.com/artpacks/8/</a>

Since the theme was to depict the 30th century, this is my “snapshot” of the future world architecture and environment: the earth has changed, the weather is hostile as the ice age is present, the humans had to move on mountain peaks.

done in photoshop in about 10 hours.


Great matte-painting~
The overall composition is nice to me~
good job;)


Cool work!


Cool piece bechira. Great atmosphere. And the motion blur on the ship is well placed, not an easy thing to do. Maybe the snow flakes could use more size randomness and spacing.


Nice work, good feel of action


Great work! i like winter…

5 stars for you! :cool:


looks impressive.Great designs…


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