Hierarchy brain fart


Hi all,
My first post here. Hopefully some brave soul can help a fella out?

I’ve only recently got back into seriously tackling some character animation and I seem to have hit a wall with an annoying hierarchy problem. (late night head scratching a-plenty)

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to correct the lag that is occurring with the trouser cuff set-up I’ve put together?

The stylisation of the model required a solution to distort the cuff around the foot rig to minimise any intersection when rotating, without resorting to time consuming cloth sims. But… It needs to follow the PSR/length of the ‘knee’ joint. So that during stretched poses the foot/leg pokes out (as opposed to stretching the trousers along with the leg)

I’ve tried innumerous priority/hierarchy combinations, but it feels like there’s a ‘chicken before egg’ loop that is causing the problem in the set-up (and my poor tired brain has finally given in and asked for some help!)


(NB. I’ve been using c4d character preset files to save some time on controller creation and the weighting on the source file linked above hasn’t been fully refined/smoothed yet. Only the left cuff is weighted currently, as I need to solve before transferring to the opposite)

EDIT* Didn’t realise these forums were so deserted these days :disappointed: