Hiding nodes from the outliner: mel or C?


Hello, I’m writing a primitive creation script and I need to hide some nodes from the outliner. Is this possible with mel?


Hello world ??


if you arbitarially identified them as unit conversion nodes (or some other existing type) outliner will hide them if you set up the outliner to hide those auxiliary node types…see under the show menu item of outliner…


Simply put i wanna hide a couple of groups containing several curves. Is there a command to arbitarially identify them as unit conversion nodes ?

Mainly I just don’t want people to see how the geometry was generated.



well this might sound tough… but then don’t show them to anybody… :slight_smile:
(easy solution… plain and simple) :smiley:
e.g. if you can pick it in the viewport or whatever… you can recreate it with melscripts… (most of the time)

however you might want to code your own geometry node for it then… if you don’t want it to be shown in the outliner…
or be recreated or if people shouldn’t find out how you made those curves…
happy coding if you choose that… :wink: (c++ would be the answer then)



Thanks for clearing that up!



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