Hi People


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I must say, i am excited and eager to learn more about fantasy art here. Ever since i was little, i indulge myself in the fantasy realm, from playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, or anything fantasy-related. So influenced by that, i started to picked up drawing as a hobby. However, living in a third world country, the people around me thought that a career in art does not seem to be a promising one at that time. So i never had the chance to develop my drawing skills, even thought i wanted to.

I never stop doodling though, nor do i stop playing games or watching anime.

Now, i am 23 years of age and could make my own choices. I really wanted to know more about CG, as my dream is to one day work for a prestigious video game company. And while i am currently doing a job that i don’t really enjoy, i hope i can enhance my skills in CG so that one day my dream could become a reality.

Looking forward to learn new things from you guys, cheers :smiley:


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