hi new here what is SIGGRAPH exactly


hi im new to cg so what is siggraph ? is it simular to e3 for videogames?

i did a search but cant understand whats going on


Siggraph is one of the biggest conventions that happens every year, where people from the 3d industry meetup to share technology innovations and also show off what they have.
Basically Siggraphs main purpose is to share knowledge of emerging technologies and teaching the ones we know.
But nowadays Siggraph has taken on a form of job hunting and free swag competitions (as you must have seen).
This was my 1st Siggraph this year and I didnt go in the mindset to show my demo reel becuase I am learning atm. The overall feel of it all was great.
The emergin technologies, parties and also not to mention networking with prople.
check out www.siggraph.org


Siggraph (the conference) can be described as what would happen if E3 and GDC went on at the same time, in the same convention center. The area of interest is not games though so its more a smaller, closer group than what would expect at either one.

ACM/SIGGRAPH is a division of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery). SIGGRAPH stands for Special Interest Group: Graphics. There are other SIGs in ACM, but SIGGRAPH is the largest.

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siggraph is where nerds go to see go-go dancers, very much like a prison party.


LOL Miguel! Well, it’s still a co-ed prison! I’m glad you got your hard drive data back BTW. I’ll have to get some info from you about the job fair, since I’ll probably go next year. Jerry


For the reports presented by many websites I got the impression SIGGRAPH is about the exhibition floor and parties. SIGGRAPH is much more than this but now the convention is changing, the attendance was around 28,000 this year but only a small percentage of them are buying full conference passes and instead are aquiring exhibition passes, this means less income with the same costs. Now are starting to appear other specialized meetings like the alias/discreet master classes near SIGGRAPH in the same days. In the next few years SIGGRAPH will be shrinking more and will consist on many events, I’m not sure if the exhibition floor will disappear.

SIGGRAPH is divided on two: The industry, i.e. the people and companies who attend to do business and make contacts, and the academia, the people who visit the conventio to show/learn the advances in the computer graphics field.


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