Hi from an aspiring solo Indie Dev


Hi All:

As a general CGTalk member for about 16mths I had been thinking of upgrading my account over the last two, reasoning that its about time I contribute in money terms to enable this awesome CG Artist hub its continued growth, secondly to access content that may be of benefit to my current project.

As the title suggests I’m working towards my first release a open beta on Android slated for a 1st/2nd QTR 2015 push - hopefully [everything X’ed].

Its been a personal dream of mine since back in the day when I was making simple flash games with friends now years later I’m going for it…

Since 2004 working with different tech’s ie: game engines/Cg apps and the like I’ve gradually managed to build my skillsets to a point where I’m comfortable with the prospect of fulfilling this dream, however that said by no means am I proficient in all disciplines of game making in the 3D space, but as the saying goes “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

All the best to everyone
Cheers :wink: