Hi all



As Kirt suggested, i’ll post here. If ya need modeling help, I like cleaning up meshes and “quadifying” models. I’ll also try to give advice where I can. Thx for reading.



Prob found someone, but I have a tree gen prog (Tree Prof) also… :frowning:

lol, I was high on caffeine when I posted earlier, sorry.


can you make some tree samples for us? I’d like to see them.


Coconut Palm Tree
Wintery Pine
Horse Chestnut Tree


OK, those are pretty cool. But can you make some that may fit into the short (same type of style)? Also, do they import to Maya? Animate? Give us some details … I’m not familiar with the software.


I think I can save the trees in the 3DS, C4D, DXF, FACT, LWO, OBJ, W3O formats, any of those work? Only downside is some of those trees are upwards of 30000 triangles, of course for LOD and plants in the distance, they can be shrunken down to like 2k or so.

I’ve only used the maya demo but from what I’ve seen and done already with it, these trees would easily be animateable - where as in max, it’d be slightly more difficult with secondary motion etc. But still doable no less.

If you can provide an accurate description or concept art of some plants, I can recreate it - even alienic style plants, I can figure out :). The leaves I think are planar and have identical mapping coordinates so applying one texture to one leaf applies to them all and mapping for example noise maps on top can give some variety.


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