Hi, Advice for an absolute bigger?


I use to post on this site a long time ago, maybe 14-15 years ago as a high school student participating in skills canada in 3d animation. I haven’t done anything art since graduation. I’m now 30 and fed up in my current career choice in the pipe trade so really trying to rekindle my former passion for the arts. Starting fresh, I do not have the ability to get a formal art education so I’m looking for online education and mentorship.*
My problem is everything i have encountered seem too advanced for me. The other problem from what o have been told is I am too hard on my self, which means I tend to get discouraged and quite. This is why some kind of mentorship might help? Who knows. Anyways if been working on the tutorials onhttp://drawabox.com and it’s been good. I have done lesson 1, 2 and keep coming back to them as warm ups but I’m having a hard time progressing and finding my self getting bored/ frustrated/ lost. I was looking at subscribing to pencilkings but again everything there seems daunting to me. Would anybody be able to recommend a process, online school or advice that maybe able to help get me passed this funk. I know if I could just get past this hump I could really fall back in lovelovewith art and maybe make a go of it.

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Check out Pluralsight, formerly Digital Tutors. Its about $30/month but from what I’ve seen (for modeling and rigging anyhow) has been good to great!

Here are the course titles they ahve for animation. Some of their courses run for 2 hours or so, but some are much longer than that. Bookmarking, notes, paths, mentors ($), various other options as well.

animationanimation fundamentals2d animation3d animationcharacter animationgame animationAnimation Ask DTs in Maya [Course]Animation Blocking Techniques in 3ds Max [Course]Animation Blocking Techniques in Maya [Course]Animation Blocking Techniques in Softimage [Course]Animation Fundamentals: Animating Varying Weights [Course]Animation Fundamentals: Animating a Ball Bounce [Course]Animation Layers in Maya [Course]Animation Polishing Techniques in 3ds Max [Course]Animation Polishing Techniques in CINEMA 4D [Course]


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A tad late in the day responding however in my opinion reading your post there seems to be a focus on 2D workflows, now before recommending a potential learning path, have you a particular discipline/sillset i.e Concept Artist, Animator, Modeller, Rigger…etc in mind that interests you specifically?


Hi sacboi, “think tank” have online school. I self never tried, But I following that school for around 4 years, and all stuff what they made so far looks really nice.