Hi, about Isoline display on max7


Hi there. IS there anyway to (i’ve been looking in the preferences but couldnt find anything about this) tell max that i always want to look the wireframe/edged faces(especially on edged faced) always in isoline display? I’m using turbosmooth and this feature would allow me to much easily see whats wrong with the model’s meshes rather than have to turn the turbosmooth on and off.

Also, is there any script for max 7 that does what some other script did for 6 , to turn on/off all meshsmooths(in this case all turbosomooths) at once?

looking forward for replies.



Could you post some pics on what you mean? I can’t quite picture your problem…


i wanted to always view in isoline mode objects that are not even selected(or at any place in the stack, because if u select poly selection for example, the it automaticly turns isoline display off) :frowning:


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