HH-60G Pave Hawk MEDEVAC


realy nice work, modeling is very good, an the camera angle and lighting is good choosen as well :thumbsup:


5stras for this ecellent job , superbe wire , nice light , can we have lotsof thers rendering …

please :slight_smile:
or if you prefere an full hd video :slight_smile: :slight_smile: . . .i go out , i go out. . . .
keep it up, superbe job


@MarcGoecke: Thanks, I´m also looking for the next steps :slight_smile:

@DeFi: Danke! hehe I didn´t know that there´s a recognizable look of my show-mesh-images :slight_smile: The bolts and everything else is just painted in photoshop. A bolt is so small that a z-buffer would be a bit of overkill :slight_smile: But with bigger objects it would make sense I think.

@Telemachus: Also thanks a lot! The hull is done by traditional box-modeling. The windows are cutted out with boolean A-B (damn that was a lot of work to adjust the splines for the extruded B operand!) and then I repaired the mesh by removing some ugly vertex situations. This seemed to be the fastest and easiest way for me to keep the painful adjusted curvatures of the mainbody mesh.

@Manuel F.: I´m also dying to see the final stuff… ahm wait, better not dying until it´s done :scream:

@FlaminGlow: Thanks, the research was sometimes very hard because each single Pave Hawk has it´s own special small modifications. Sometimes the elements are there but slightly moved into other positions and so on. I can´t wait to start wit hanimation :slight_smile:

@Briareos: Thanks, I like these desatured high contrast color scheme. This low FOV-Value camera-zoom-stuff seems to make it more believable I think (and hope).

@PeterSanitra: Thanks also a lot :slight_smile:

@malonet: Haha thanks! A HD video would be nice but first I need to become rich to buy a renderfarm for that. I will have to do all the renderings on my single AMD 3200 here at home :stuck_out_tongue: I like your transformerstuff a lot and I know it for a long time (who does not?) ! For a few seconds I tought about also making a transformer out of it but then I will never be finish :smiley:

So, I´ll continue with funny unwrapping again…



Waw, the amount of detail is incredible, this deserves my 5 stars :thumbsup:


My jaw just fell off and is flapping around on the ground like a dying fish… Awesome work mate!


@Mr.WaRdDoG: Thank you :slight_smile:

@MadMeph: Haha, funny description :smiley:

small update: still doing UV-stuff here


Did you work out the hull according to a 3-view schematic that you put in max or did you just use photographic reference material? Damn, I’m still impressed by your work, I honestly wish i had those box modeling skills, I have a 5th gen fighter sitting on my hard disk since a few years and I don’t have the guts to start anew…


Verdammt geil.

I like your toon style on the clay renderings, not just because they are very clean, but also because of that absolutely recognizable look.

Is it possible too see a wire? Im interested in how this fixed boolean cuts do look like.
Maybe you should post it on mlitary-meshes.com too.

Hope to see more soon.


Fantatstic work! Very inspiring. Keep it up.
Could I see a wire or two? Thanks


@MadMeph: Just continue working on box-modeling stuff and you´ll see that you will become more and more able to solve problems :slight_smile: You´re right, I started with some blueprints as shown below. But be carful with blueprints, very often the don´t match exactly. Always try to compare it with photographs (collect as many high res photos as you can and do this before you start! Don´t detect that something is built in an other way AFTER you modeled it :slight_smile: ). I also tried to reduce problems with this (common) way.
Here´s the setup from the very beginning to get the rough shape of it:

@scrimski: Danke :slight_smile: Wires will come soon. Sometimes I just changed a bit the tesselation like welding stupid vertex, changing edges and so on, nothing special or fancy :slight_smile:

@J-Gaeta: Also thanks! Yes wires will come the next days :slight_smile:

Here´s a very small update again. Unfortunately I hadn´t so much time today :sad:
Just a few strokes of color and bump added.

Specular map/reflection map, dirt and so on are still missing for sure.



wow amazing… i just love that render how it accentuates the edges… wonder how you did that ?

You must habe put in some crazy time to model this :slight_smile:


What amazing details!the rendering looks so real!Very good,waiting for updates


Great model. It is looking gorgeous.

I have one, hmmm, not a critique, but a remark. If you look at walkaround photos, you can see that metal has some irregularities, bumps so to speak. It is sign of being worn out and stretched. Welds are not perfect and irregular.
Yours looks like a perfect toy right now.


@mech7: Thanks! :slight_smile: “accentuates the edges” What exactly do you mean with this? Yes, it took some time but most of it was research.

@learner88: Working on it :slight_smile:

@deli_rium: Thanks! I´m currently still working on the bump-map. At first I do all elemets like small parts, rivets, lines… and then, later I add the irrugelarities. I want to do them in one go so I do them at last.



WoW! That´s so amazing! Great Work man! :slight_smile:

Are all Parts modelled with Subsurf ?


Beautiful workmanship -just great. I liked the camera work on the test animation, as well
-It really helped add realism to the shot. Would love to see a fully textured animation.


Awsome details and very cool modeling skills!
Keep going!


Where did you get those blueprints?? :bounce:


I love everything the flight and you model is very fine work! I like very much the details and the shader… you are crazy to make the rig of the rotor… well done! waiting for wires and the final render… keep up!:thumbsup:


@DrJZoidberg: Thanks, right, a lot of this parts are SubDivs, but not all.

@webhead: Alos thanks, I think it still takes some time until I can start the final rendering :smiley:

@varma: I will, thank you :slight_smile:

@Drowned-Fish: I scanned the blueprints from a model kit. But have a look at www.suurland.com ! There you´ll find tons of them.

@Magma3D: Thanks for the nice words. Hehe I did the rig of the rotorhead because it makes this special look of the motion blurred rotor blades which I like :slight_smile:

Currently playing around in Photoshop with overall dust deposit. I use top/bottom material and ambient occlusion to detect the dirt-areas.

Image update today I think. Trying to find the correct color sheme of the dirt and amount of it.