Name: Andre Cantarel
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

Sorry for posting this model again here, I hope it is ok.
Finally I found some time to do a final rendering which really fits to the idea I had in my head for a long time: Warming up the engines with a lot of dust and heatwaves :slight_smile:

All is done with 3ds max 9 (modeling was done in 8) and finalrender Stage-1. I used raytraced depth of field, 3D motion blur for the rotors + particles and micro-triangle-displacement for the ground.

Here´s a highres version of the rendering:

Maybe an animation of this shot follows but first I have to dig through TP2.5 again (and hopefully have the time).

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Wow, great! Incredible realistic ima! :thumbsup: 6stars or more…


Great work!! Textures are cool and the realism level is very high. The only thing I can say is the third helicopter from the camera, is a lil bit confusing on the very first seeing. I thought it was three helicopters, a second later you count again and there are 4.

Very nice, 4 stars!!



Excellent work! Simply fantastic…




wooow :eek:, superb work man so realistic, congrats :thumbsup:.
One question, does finalrender have it’s own sky or the sky is a background image ?

I’ve never use finalrender, you make me start using finalrender hehehe:D




great job man. :thumbsup:


Wow this looks absolutely amazing!
Great detail and very good lighting.
Your textures and overall realism is

Btw. I like that heat blur a lot :slight_smile:

5 stars from me… This is phantastic.


Wow *3 ^^, Amazing level of detail, and I love a lot the composition. Your picture remind me the movie Black Hawk down. Congratulations!


Wow, no words man, this is awesome. Congrats!!


Incredible! 5*


hey I think it is not fair to post real photos to this forum :smiley: .
he hee !, just kidding budy, it’s realy awesome. lot of details. congrats. :bowdown: . 5 * from me. :bounce:


I know it is sarcastic to ask:D…but man can we see the wireframe. I am madly curious how did you do that.:wise:


beautiful shots, mind showing your passes?


5 star, Excellent work!


Impressive work!


oh my god… it`s… real??? lol 5 stars


excellent work!


Really no Coments, fantastic image !:thumbsup:


dilicious pic!!!:thumbsup: Congratulations!


nice modeling and rendering… 5 star