HGUTL- Retro gaming wallpapers


Glad you like them…

So far you can search by the game machine or the year. On the home page is always the 10 most recent wallpapers. I’d better mention that on site.

That said I will add a menu for the “genre” of game soon. As there are now enough wallpapers to justify it…

Your requests have been added to my list :wink:

Heres my latest (not on the website yet!).


Some new wallpapers & their biographies online…

any requests or thoughts, fire away…



I like the new versions and I also like the idea of providing some background information. I think it really adds something to the whole concept, but you should use line breaks more carefully. For example the Monkey Island 2 text looks quite torn apart.

I am also still not a fan of the logo, but you already know that :slight_smile:

Happy rendering,


Cheers for the C. crits mate, sometimes it feels a bit lonely on the forums. I’m looking into the logo this week actually as i’m going to make an ident (but my pictures will remain watermarked). The site will be undergoing changes as well, including an update to my tatty text.

A couple more made, i spent a fair amount of time on the third one (as it seems to have quite the cult following!)




  1. Not sure if you actually followed my critic, or if it’s just a coincidence, but the text flow/layout looks much better on these new one.

  2. You might want to post these on a gaming network like IGN, i think you would get quite a response there. The c4d forums on cgtalk always had a problem with personal work, not sure why, but the interest seems to be rather low. one of the larger gaming development networks, prefereably one of the more indie oriented ones, would also be a good plce to promote this idea.

  3. Just one thing about the logo (again). I totally agree with you on the point, that you have to watermark your images. But it is a quite difficult task to find the balance between fine and too intrusive. It is mainly a thing about contrast. I recently just watched one of the awarded pieces here in the gallery and had to think of the logo discussion. Despite the fact, that the placement and size of the logo is also not perfect for this imho, it is quite a good example how to blend a very big logo with your image.



I am a little more aware of what i’m typing, which i s a good thing.

IGN was also a good idea, i’m on lots of forums at the moment seeing which one work out in what ways. I have always posted my stuff here. I rarely get much of a response (unless i’m stuck), still i post here as i get a different replies than from a wallpaper or gaming site…

To be fair today i made my logo in 3d & made pac-mans world & arcade cabinet in c4d for my idents i’m doing this week… So there will be more to comment on.

I do agree with you about the watermarking (but it doesn’t mean i’ll be making much of a change :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I’m looking into animating some sprites inside c4d to make an ident for the site…

I was wondering if anyone had done much sprite animation inside c4d? maybe (hopefully) somebody has some hints or tips…


No ideas? My latest additions to my wallpaper portfolio…



Why not just do this in photoshop?

I don’t really see the point of a 3d program for this.


I know what you mean, i started out in photoshop but the reflections & how the backdrops work just seemed better in my 3d program.

I have a couple of animations brewing as well, which are obviously made a lot easier inside cinema 4d. I already have a huge library that i can drag and drop sprites to my hearts desire.

Then there is also set-up scripting in place to cut down on repetitive footwork. Allowing me to arrange, scale & correct my sprites very quickly…


Just an FYI

You can do reflections and work in 3d space in AE




I’m very at home in c4d, that said i do know when it’s time to step out into another program.

For the rendering c4d is great. But animating the sprites, does anyone have a better idea?


‘sprite animation’ is a rather vague term for a 3d software. given the circumstances i assume
you want to to create an image sequence out of an existing set of images and not create an
image sequence out of 3d data.

c4d can read image sequences as animations with the bitmap shader. there are several free
sprite animation softwares, which can produce various output formats out of an animation
sheet or a series of images.

you could do the animation also inside c4d or flash, but i do not see a reason to do so.


The first ident for my website. I’ve got lots more game relevant idents in mind, but first things first. I needed this as i have something to add it to!


I’d love to hear what you think…


This is a bad thread to follow: The Dungeon Master one really nailed it, I had to install it on an emulator :confused:
(Make a NetHack one, that should be a blast).

Can you turn animated gif or whatever the sprites are to a movie file and then use that in Storm Tracer / X particles (or whatever plugin supports color inheritance these days?)to make some cool particles animatios?


Well i’m glad you like the Dungeon Master wallpaper…

And then a couple more, 2 games out of the fishy trilogy & my first Star Wars wallpaper…



I was sent a brilliant gif a few weeks ago & have made it into a proper animation.

I loaded the gif into photoshop & went through each fame grounding the characters & correcting their positions so they worked when viewed close up.

I wanted to do something with mograph first. I got the basics working but even at a low resolution (380 x 300) it brought my macbook to a stand still!? I am coming back to this idea at the moment, but this clip had to stay in it’s pixel form…

I ran the new animation inside cinema 4d, in my HGUTL studio. Added some camera movement to cover the fact the the characters just appear at the edges of the shot, also to accentuate the action & of course the pixels!

I’m quite happy with how this turned out & will be doing more in the future.

It can be seen here…


Now back to some more wallpapers…


I also have a new batch of wallpapers fresh for your critique & perusal…


I spent quite a while on the Metroid wallpaper as i’m starting to move more towards integrating the sprites in a 3d world. There is much more in this shot than just a basic floor. There will be more of this sort of thing soon…

I’ve re-made the Bad Dudes wallpaper adding more characters. I’m going to be returning to more of my other older wallpapers soon too.

I think some of the older ones are a bit weak now, lacking variety, relevance or respect in their backgrounds.

p.s. any that you think are a bit weak. This is your chance to mention it…


So i figure about half of my pictures need work. So from now on there will be some new & some (majorly) updated ones. I’ve decided to sit down make proper matte paintings for each game. Then use some 2.5D magic & integrate the sprites properly into their new worlds…

In the case of the updated ones i have left the old versions on site. So you can judge for yourself if i’ve made them better or worse…


More coming soon…


Been moving a little slowly recently. Still moving though, here are my newest additions…