Heydar Aliyev CG / 3D portrait, Oleg Koreyba (3D)


Title: Heydar Aliyev CG / 3D portrait
Name: Oleg Koreyba
Country: Ukraine
Software: Deep Paint Maya mental ray Photoshop ZBrush
Submitted: 8th November 2011

CG / 3D portrait of President of Azerbaijan (1993-2003) Heydar Aliyev, by Oleg Koreyba. I tried to make Him look like the original, alive and in good spirits. Hope it turned out, and you enjoy it.
I did it using Maya for based mesh, Mentalray for rendering, Zbrush for sculpting, and Deep Paint, Photoshop for textures. Hairs created by Ilya Rafienkov he used Maya with Hair-Shave plugin.

more at: cg3dportrait.com


Fantastic stuff…!


Incredible, could you show some other view or a wire ?




amazing but i wont 2 see the wire by this work pleas :thumbsup:


Wire and solid shots from Maya


Fantastic render! Looks indistinguishible from a photo! A small detail i noticed though, the sideburns appear to be a bit “floaty”…


Below you can see shots from zbrush


Fantastic Work! Congratulations!


Okay that’s an incredible portrait. I like how the render isn’t just photoreal but … alive! He indeed looks alive and in good spirits! :slight_smile:


Wow incredible, congrats !


WOW…What a nice Master Piece again here in cg talk…congrats 5 star for me…


:thumbsup: Respect


Wow, amazing work, such realism!


That’s incredible, the level of realism is just mind-blowing :bowdown:


Great work, the only thing giving it away as CG is the aliasing in the hair. Up the hair quality and it’ll look like a photo


Yo man! THis is front page work!


wow wonderful 5 star for this work :thumbsup:


Truly exceptional work!



Thank you all for your kind words!


Omg! dont know what can i type :slight_smile: