hey proton


hey just wanted to say that everyone i know personally at my school thinks your a daouche bag. thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

i personally have no opinion

also stop plugging lightwave every chance you get…its annoying.


a daouche bag

Say what?


what the F…


Why hit Proton for? Thats low class man. Then again you cant even spell douche.




I don’t care about students opinions… Go back suck your thumb…


ohhhh, i know why he’s so angry. hes a Max user.


also stop plugging lightwave every chance you get…its annoying.

So basically you want him to stop helping everyone with there problems and questions? Proton works for Lightwave, everything he does with Lightwave is going to “plug” Lightwave in a sense.


Poor little Max users can’t handle that their chosen 3D program gets no attention, so they have to resort to trolling. :rolleyes:

Maybe if Discreet wasn’t a bunch of pompus jerk-offs, you’d actually have a helpful, growing community too.


also stop plugging lightwave every chance you get…its annoying. [/B][/QUOTE]

Well…unlike you little snots, Proton gets PAID to promote LightWave…by the way, has anyone from Discreet ever visited a 3D Studio Max user group, 'cause Proton and Newtek paid a visit to ours…so there!

Hey LightWavers!..Three cheers for the best 3D Software community oot there…


yes, 3 cheers definitely.

dont let him give you the wrong idea of us students tho. I dont want to be included in the same ranks as he/she is.


Hee hee that was an amusing troll. Too bad the comedy wasn’t in what he said. :applause:


I guess you’d expect it from someone with such a stupid avatar and sig.

Another person who signed up here to troll. :rolleyes:


The MAX community could use a guy like Proton. He’s the kind of guy that keeps you excited about using your product. I hope to meet him one day, maybe at Siggraph?


Your signature is completely inappropriate. Bad mouthing people is bad enough without slandering the very few womem who use this forum. I suggest you re-analyze your signature before you ruin your hopes of having a place in the CG industry.

We have no tolerance for harassment.


Hey guy calm down. we are mature people here, that don’t need to result to name calling. As for the max user, why do you have to start trouble, is it because your forums stinks and you can not get any help or is it because you just can’t do the same stuff us lightwave user can. Any way lets stops this.
ps. ALL max user s*ck


:surprised ?!?!

A childish comment from a childish person.

Hey, Potato77… Maybe your parents never told you this, so I’ll tell you now: GROW UP! It’ll get you further in life.


Potato77 sicked up a bit of milk then said:

Originally posted by Potato77
I’m ony twee an a haf yers old :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww, Potato77 need iss ikkle dipey change? oooo yoou? oooo yoou? :smiley:


This thread serves no useful purpose.

You are the weakest link, goodbye!


Originally posted by Mike RB
You are the weakest link, goodbye!

ROFLMAO :applause:

I am glad the mystery of this thread was solved. I go a few days, and miss all the excitement!
If I had read this when it was posted, I would have known something was amiss, because Potato77 is usually a nice guy! :stuck_out_tongue: