hey folks, some animation studys...


hey guys, im a animation student… among many of you guys. but anyway, i have some animation studys that i am working on. they are not perfect, but my lame excuse is that they are animation studys. these were done in a span of five months altogether. hee hee. there are kinks in them. i hate those popping actions. enjoy, or destroy the heck out of it. bye now.



here is update with more stuff… mainly some cg stills. i will update more. sorry that its not a website, but more of a portfolio, but heck oh well. it gets the job done.


good work
I think you learned a lot doing this stuff … all seem nice done and smooth


Hey animation_child

Thanks for looking over my work, here’s my advice on how you can improve your work…

  1. Jump animation: the first part is fine but the Jump itself needs work at the moment he looks like he’s jumping through treacle! think about how you would jump over a gap like that act it out. I would take a step back first to get a slight run up. As he projects up into the air gravity would bring him back down faster giving a sence of weight.

2.Run: not bad but again it just feels a bit cumbersum and slow try playing around with the speed as the right leg comes fwd he seams to jump taking a longer slower stride than with the left, was this intenshanal?

  1. Hunchback: now this i like it has good characture and works well the hands realy pull it together. One thing though the loop seem to be snapping slightly as it repeats to solve this copy the keys from frame one and past them one frame over the end, i.e if you animation cycle is 18 frames long, take the keys from frame 1 and past them at frame 19 but only play from frames 1-18. Dose that make sence? try it, it works well :thumbsup:

4.Arrogant walk: again not bad just needs tudying, Watch thoughs SIDWAYS SLIDING feet! Think about where the centure of gravity is as he sifts his weight from one foot to another, this gives a slight side to side sway in some people as they walk. And the arms seam to snap at there most fwd point i’m guessing your keys are set to Linier.

  1. Lazy Walk: this too is almost there watch that right hand its passing through the leg!

Over all your almost there I think you need to think a little more about your movements before you start animating this is something i’m guilty of too! Before you start get up and act out what you want animate you may feel silly at first but it realy helps.

Also if you dont alread, get a copy of Richard Williams book ‘The animators Servival Kit’
Every animators bible :wink:

Hope that helps


thanks for the detailed critiques. i appreciate it. i’ll go over ur animations again and try to break it down further and give a better critique too. but yah, i am going to redo the animations again because i know that i didnt take it “all the way home” sometimes working on a animation pisses me off so hardcore. i guess i am building up endurance you could say. i’ll rework my animations again… and when they seem suitable, i’ll make sure to give u a holler. thanks! animation is like a love hate relationship. i love the results but i hate the progress. hey thats a pretty good saying… i think i’ll use that!


I get frustrated too at times i find the best thing to do is just get up and walk away!

Take a brake, then when you return you should get better results. Animating when your not in the mood just dosn’t work!


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