Сhevrolet Сorvette Sting Ray convertible


Hi there guys!
Wanted to share with you my latest project, and it will be a legendary and magnificent Sting Ray convertible!)

Work on this body modelling, without any “even close” blueprints became into real challenge. Im still not happy with couple spots, but in general i think i get deal with basic shape. For sure it not 100% perfect match with original, but i trying my best)

So here is my progress for right now, couple clays and wires. Hope you guys like it !

and couple wires


And a bit more of progress.


Hi Denis. Glad to see u here posting your great car.
I hope u’ll update it quite often showing what u’re capable to do with your stunning renders.
I’m on this fantastic site to learn new things since i’m a bit bored doing always cars on cars. I’ve seen incredible works here which inspire me alot, i hope u too have the same feeling.

See u


Hey man! Glad to see you too)
I’m here for a long time, but first time make a forum post. Wish you to find your Inspiration) Thanks again and stay tuned for updates!)


Couple renders of the details)
Don’t forget to check out the full size !


MY GAWD!!, beautiful mesh detailing and INCREDIBLE renders, amazing work here, definitely a thread I’ll be watching with interest


Thanks man ) Here is the more progress on the details.
Stay tuned!)

Click for fullres!

And couple clays and wire


Update of the main body. Basic shape almost done , start to adding the details)


wonderful modelling & very good looking right
i like it old car
keep on & good luck :beer:


Here is the front label tests. There is the couple versions of them depends from years, and i decided to make both and then pick better one.

Click for FULLRES!

and couple clays


Very nice and clean model, and great renders. Can’t see anything to critique :D.


Thanks man)

Meanwhile started to make interior )

Closeup and couple clays)

Don’t forget to check fullsize!


Beautiful, impressive, never have I been so excited to see a seat…


Very cool seat.


Wow! Those renders are simply gorgeous. Cant wait to see more updates!


:bounce: droooooool, so damn good


Thank you guys!

And here is a bit more of progress. Some steering wheel test.
Hope you like it )


FANTASTIC work so far! :bowdown:

They look & render like the REAL things!

Can’t WAIT to see this done! :bounce:


Nice attention to detail and precision, the renderings are gorgeous!
The wires look perfect to me.
For how long have you been working on this one?
Wrinkles on the seats done in Zbrush?

Just beautiful.



Thanks man)
About time, dunno really, it’s not a full time project , so no rush with it. Hard to say exact time , but i’ve been working on it around couple month i think. Couple times i remake it from scratch coz of proportionals mistakes that comes up till the process. So , you know , just take my time and enjoying the process)

Seats it’s just old school hand modelling and texturing)

Thank you once again , and stay tuned for updates !