Hero, Qian Jin (3D)


Title: Hero
Name: Qian Jin
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

I sure i had a good time in my work , 12 day

This image in 2004.12.5 i

this fighter ,hero ,modleing by maya ,pose by maya…render by 3dsmax in <hero years > game,he is a short film CG character,I like he


:applause: Fantastic!

It is more than fantastic, i like it very much.:thumbsup:
5 stars from me



many good points and an excellent quality work.
somehow the impression of a statue or a reduced model is dominant.
few points as framing, the high level of the background blur and the
motion blur absence handles, and magnifies this impression.

good luck,



HI Qian Jin :slight_smile: your work is pretty good!! go on!!
i remember you prefer Maya, right?
i think if you use DOF is will be better, :thumbsup: , mix the background


Hi steven.qian

Thank you for bringing such good works at first!

It can be a little more abundant that I think of the background!

nice work! go on!


The thumb is off- especially when grasping a sword, the tip of the thumb should be meeting the tip of the index finger and not both of them going in the same direction. Besides that, the shoulders also needs some adjustment- it show be rotating forward since its grasping a fairly heavy sword.


Spectacular. Five Stars


First off the modeling and texturing is fabulous. but the background just looks like an HDR image, even if that’s what it is some focused areas would be nice and bring it all togeather. 4 stars from me.


wow! really really great. maybe a bit too much sss (comnposited?) on the hands. the fingers are burned out, but if you like its okay. could also look like this in reality, depending on the lightspource a.s.o. of course. and another thing is the low res texture of the cape. all others look very crisp. but:
five stars, no doubt.


local image ,hope you like


thanks every one like my picture ,




YOU are 3s! Strong Steel So hard!
I like your style!
Details Arrive

很强!风格恰到好处!细节丰富到位! 很有力度!很想认识你!我的QQ438596085


I guess the hands are a bit off, but other than that it’s awesome!:thumbsup:


OMG, i really love your image, awesome :thumbsup:


really awsome!~~~ the depth blur make the pic so realistic!~~~

5stars from me


All of the things are realy great…specialy the texturing…congrats man:scream:


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