Here's my 2 cents


Decided to jump in the game…


More…Just some close ups showing some skin details.


Decided to transfer some maps over into modo to see how they looked. I have some issues I need to deal with. Some of the patches are not lining up as expected. I was able to get some of the Base Diffuse layers and Bump Maps out of Mari and into modo rather painlessly. Still lots of large and little details to take care of.


Still trying to get my head around the Mari workflow. It’s so easy to get massive detail, it’s a bit difficult to know when to stop and move on to another part of the model!


Did some work last night…here’s what I did.


Here are a couple renders from within modo601. Still a lot of work to do. I have brought modo to it’s knees on my system, so I will need to go into Mari and start adjusting texture resolution in some patches.


Looking good! Will be watching this thread :wink:


Here’s a quick look at some more scar tissue/bump/painting.


Some more looks at the bumps and color maps in modo.


Some render close-ups.


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