Here comes Charley


Anyone in Fla? I’m in West Orlando just a few miles from I-4., which is Charley’s projected path. We just had a few moments of pretty violent weahter, but it has temporarily passed. It’s approaching Cat 5. Hope all you West Coast folks are safe or better yet, not there. The weather here right now is extemely condusive to tornados. I think a few might have touched down if I heard right. It’s preparing to hit land South of Tampa soon, and roll into Orlando around 7 or 8 or so. Should be fun.

Reporting in Orlando
This is Keith for WCGT(alk) severe action weather news
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yeah. Im here in central fl. Wathcin this badboy. The squall line just hit us but now its not so bad. pretty crazy stuff. watchin it jump from a tropical storm to a cat4 huricane. Actually its clearing up. I was going to go water skiing in the calm before the storm. Because in a half hour its gonna be back.


Yeah, I think I’ll stay inside. Unless I get drunk, at which point I become invicible. They’re predicting 90-110 mph winds between 8-10 pm. Shoulda brought some recording gear from my studio. Could capture some great wind and destruction sounds. Wel, too late now.


lol. yeah. Im invinsible drunk or not. jk.


Its 10:10 pm here. Through the worst of it. You still here to tell the story BESTrin?


Im in miami, saw the news, here nothing happened…but tomorrow I was planning to go to boca raton to see a friend, anyone know hows bocaraton?


Yeah im still here. Skiing was cool. The water was pretty rough but in the wind shadow it was glass. Last night was pretty intense. You could see the windows flexing with some of the gusts of wind. I walked outside during part of it and there was twigs and stuff flying around. The lightning was realy cool too. It was 5 diferent colors. From puke green and mustard yellow to electric blue and red. No idea why but it was cool. You could see the tress outside bending and shaking. In the morning i went out and there were trees all over the place. One was on the roof and there were shingles every were. We have water and power so we came out real good. No-one else has power. Spent most of the day cleaning up all the bvraches and sawing the one tree into pieces and haling the logs into a ditch. I took video of alot of it. Anyone else get hit.


Finally got my cable and internet back. It didn’t go out till after the worst had past. Still have power. Lots don’t. It’s one thing to see huricane footage on the news, it’s amazing though to stand outside and watch it. Quite intense. Lucky myself and everyone I know got through it ok. Some others weren’t so fortunate.


yeah. I know people who had transformer fall on theire roofs. Tree damage may not sound so bad on the news but when you go outside and see 2 out of 3 trees falen or missing huge braanches it becomes much more real.


last good storm we got up here in RI was Hurricane Bob in '91…lots of downed tree limbs and power outages, but no casualties! so good times…


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