Hercules Trailer


Well the first hercules film of 2014, The Legend of Hercules, did very poorly and now we have this second film with Dwayne Johnson as Hercules. I don’t know, it’s just I can’t shake the image of the Rock casting as Hercules, it doesn’t work for me. However the creature work looks amazing, but will we get to see much of the 12 labours because the story is set after them. Probably the best part of hercules but the story doesn’t really revolve around them?

So anyways here’s the official trailer for hercules-



Something’s wrong with that beard and wig. I think the forehead is too exposed, and the beard is too stiff/wiry… like someone ran an electric shaver through it but was unsure how far to trim and just left it all even.


That picture doesn’t do the look any favors. but in the trailer, in motion, I don’t have a problem with his appearance. It seems, at least, some effort was made to give a more mediterranean look to the people as opposed to how previous greek mythology films were cast.

Still, ALL these trailers seem the SAME these days. I don’t know if I somewhere got old and out of touch, but I am just not excited about any of this stuff. Both this and TMNT show some great CG creature work, but I guess that alone is not enough to get me to run out and see them. Even with the X-Men trailer thrown in I am not sure they are doing the work of building interest in me as an audience member. Or maybe I am not a member anymore?


If there is any actor that turns me off of a film no matter what it is its
the Rock.
Its pretty unfair of me I know-but he just doesn’t work for me. Why -in the glory days of Arnold- he was fine. But the Rock just can’t work for me. And I can’t entirely justify it. But thats the way it is. He’s like a grown up ‘Disney Kid actor’ or something. My belief is never suspended with him in a film.

I will quite likely pass on any film the guy ever makes…


One does not simply put Rock and Arnold in the same sentence :slight_smile:


If you look again they share the same paragraph. Not the same sentence.:wink:

Although at face value-neither a ‘body builder’ nor a ‘wrestler’ should have had the makings of an ‘great’ actor. Although Arnold did have something that ‘worked’ going write back to Conan. The Rock should just do something else IMHO…


Hercules reminds me of Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire.


Yeah I think it is the B film feeling you get when you see him (rock) onscreen. The fx look super this is definitely a dvd popcorn at home flick.


I think The Rock has been fine in modern action movies, or things where there’s action-comedy, like I was surprised how much I ended up liking The Rundown. He has charisma, an impossible physique, and fits into GI Joe or Fast and Furious because the whole thing is a ridiculous live action cartoon.

But for some reason never get into him in period pieces. It feels like he’s doing a skit or something, just waiting for him to ask if they can smell what the Herc is cooking.

Also what is up with the title treatment for this movie? It makes it feel even more like a promo for WWE or WCW or whatever wrestling thing is now.

However, this movie looks like Citizen Kane next to that other Hercules movie last year with that dude from Twilight. I think that might end up along with the Steve Reeves movies on MST3K in the pantheon of terrible Hercules flicks.


It actually somewhat resembles the vibe and style of the logo for “Hulkamania”:




They should edit this trailer so that he charges at the MGM lion, grabbing it around the neck and wrestling it to the ground, screaming “I… AM… HERCULES!”. It just looks silly. About as silly as when Jackie Chan screams “WHO AM I?” or Rocky shouts “DRAGO!”. (I didn’t realise there was a limit to the number of exclamation marks you could use in one line O_O)


I don’t mind the rock, he’s not the new Arnold, not campy enough, but he’s not a bad actor actually and he does have presence.
But regardless of casting, this movie looks like… well, like it’ll be just plain awful. I can’t find a single redeeming frame in the whole trailer.


Just when I was about to say they are trying too hard to make him look like Kevin Sorbo, who is the wavy hair look of hercules :buttrock:. I do wonder why they go for this sort of look, of long wavy hair? I’m just thinking maybe a different interpretation would have presented the Rock better.

ThE_JacO, I thought the highlight was the Hydra, didn’t you like that?


Yeah, I was wondering about that… seemed to be… unfinished or something.
Looks “raw” in places… but wasn’t sure about it since it’s consistent across the whole trailer.


Yes the hair is a problem. Maybe the beard should be more like a ZZ top style?
And what’s up with the constant nostril flarin?
I have to say that I’ve gotten to the point of “done” with the same looking cg effects in these
effects laden flicks. Lots of super fake looking swarming/flocking of whatever they need lots of moving/marching/swimming/flying about. Please baby beejus bring back the old fashioned practicals and stop motion for crying out loud for a bit of visual relief and cut back on the non stop action chase scenes and introduce some quality storytelling, pacing and decent scripts.
I am now jaded for sure y’alls!