Her Majesty's Zeppelins, Gleb Alexandrov (3D)


Title: Her Majesty’s Zeppelins
Name: Gleb Alexandrov
Country: Belarus
Software: Blender

Render made for the competition called “Her Majesty’s Air Fleet” (was held on Russian computer graphics resource -Render.ru).The main themes of the competition was epic, steampunk and Victorian England. So, I decided to make huge steampunk zeppelins, flying into some kind of Gothic shipyard. The picture was awarded 1’st place.
Modeled, textured, rendered and simulated in Blender. It took me a month to finish it, from the idea to the final compose. Thank you for attention!

Render engine: Cycles.
~10 mln polygons
14 layers of objects in the scene
1000-4000 samples per layer
5 days to render


love the details, nice work.


Thanks, Chris! Tried hard to fill the location with geeky machinery and other steampunk related details).


Wireframe render.


Congrats with the 1 place. It looks amazing, if this was a game, i would play it sooo much…


Thank you! actually, I have the same feeling about games in steampunk setting :slight_smile:


this is so epic. love the scallings in the scene.