Her Eyes, Diane Özdamar (2D)


Title: Her Eyes
Name: Diane Özdamar
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody!

I’ve finally found enough motivation to finish this piece… (though I may fix some things later, I don’t know… I’m just way too tired of this one for now!)

The story behind this painting is quite simple : the girl (you’re free to find her a name if you want) is some kind of a noble witch, she was born blind then discovered that she had the power to see through the eyes of animals.
The serval cat she’s holding is now “her eyes”, he’s bound to her (that’s why he has human eyes).

I started this painting as a study to practise curly hair mostly and I ended up finishing it…

You can see the WIP thread here

Some closeups

More closeups

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos 3A4
80 to 90 hours approximately (maybe less, maybe more… I can’t remember…)

No direct reference used, but I googled some image of serval cats to create my own serval and I used a mirror for the right hand.

I hope you’ll like it!


Awsome, what an imagination! 5 stars all the way!! If this does not get an award…


Diane, this is brimming with magic and wonderful technique - I really love the way you marry the forms, the strands, ribbons, road, fabric - really beautiful. It is just amazing the way the image keeps giving you more, the more you look (the butterfly, the dragonfly, the ladybird)…masterful!



You really deserve award!:bounce::thumbsup: Fantastic work.


Oh wow, thank you so much for your kind words Melica, PMD and AugieBenDoggie ! I’m so happy that you like it, this took me so much nerves ^^

It almost makes me feel bad because I’m so busy I have not had time to give feedback on artworks while I’m receiving such a great feedback here :frowning: Thank you so much once again!


Hello Dianae! Perfect as usual in your works :slight_smile: I love how you draw the light, it simply envolves it all with a soft and warm atmosphere. I think it’s a very nice work, and very good idea.

keep on the great working up! *cheers

( 5 stars from here )


It’s perfect! I love cats, and this one is beautifull. I like that the characters hold in the romantic feeling, and make it a little more serious. It was a good idea to make her blind.


Thank you very much Laia Amela and Akash!
I’m glad you like the blind eyes by the way, this has been an important point and I’ve had troubles making them look as I wanted :slight_smile:


ahh …
that is what I call a lean to the edge of your seat to observe the detail picture.
5 stars
fantastic talent


Perfect work I like very much serval and work with brushes perfect cool paint :thumbsup:


Thank you so much Liam and Tomas! :slight_smile:


Wow! It`s really cool work!:applause:


Thank you Eva ^^


Dianae it’s amazing work!!! Fantastic! :thumbsup: Details are so great! 5 stars :slight_smile:


What a great work…amazing!


Damn, you are good!! :bounce:


Thank you so much Maria, Ralf and Claudia! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it !


Amazing work!

Congratulations :thumbsup:


Hey, so glad you finally finished the piece! You already know what I think of this :wink:


Thank you so much Daniel and Henna! :slight_smile: Makes me feel like painting more and more ^^