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daily sketch: Barrier (25mins)


Another gesture portrait from class.


Daily concept painting:


A portrait study.


Today’s quick sketch


Hey everyone.

For those of you that check out this thread, I’m going to discontinue it. It’s a pain to upload images and the thread is buried pretty deep and thus hard to find.

I will continue with updates from this point forward on my blog only. So, if you like my daily concepts, illustrations and paintings please visit me there.


Thank you.


Following… thanks for the update man!

My thread here is all messed up, from missing/broken links and whatnot. I see what you mean.


Daniel, I understand your point. It has been great viewing your images here…that last update was killer too…you are quite an inspiring artist…I will follow the blog. Keep up the great stuff man and thanks!


Hi Rabid, you know, having some time to reflect, I decided I will keep this going. I kind of like using my blog just for my fine art stuff. In addition, I’ve updated my CGtalk portfolio, but they are mainly finished pieces. I don’t really have a place for doodles or experimentation, so I think this is the right place for it. As always thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:

This piece happened during a phone conversation this morning. I was messing around in Art Rage (First image) and kind of liked it. Whereupon, I took it into Photoshop and tinkered with it more (second image) then I kept at it: making the girl more Polynesian, Filipino, what not. I think she’s starting to get that island look about her. I need to work more on the piece, especially her arms and hands, but I gotta walk the dog and do some yard work now. I’ll post another update in a day or two.


Wow man that’s gorgeous! Really dig that water reflection…its feels so real…love the layers Dan! Glad you’ll stay around…but I understand if you leave…this place has died out a bit the last few years. And they did something to this sketch forum…its really bleek these days.


Hey Daniel,

It’s been a few years - don’t know if you remember Mr. Mu…:slight_smile:
Anyway… I have always been a fan of your art and just made sure I do receive your blog updates. I habe been away from these forums for quite a while, too and was wondering if you’re still actually around or rather working on the blog only? Anyway, it’s great to see you’ve been active and there’s so much of your art to check out for me, now… :wavey:


Hi Mr. Mu

Yes, I remember you…you have an unforgettable avatar :slight_smile:

Yeah, I stopped posting here and I haven’t done as much digital art lately as well. Pretty much on my free time, I’m doing traditional work. If you have been visiting my blog, it’s clear that I’m more into oils than digital. I do so much digital work in my fulltime job, I’ve just gotten kind of bored/burned-out with it. That’s my story for now. Thanks for dropping by with a friendly “hello”. I’ll hear from you again :).

Take it easy,


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