Helzer's Sketches


your works are amazing
I love them all, I love the colours, I love the bold brush strokes
truly awesome stuff


Altasa and RicoD, thanks for stopping by and dropping the positive notes. I’m glad you enjoy my stuff! Take it easy, Dan. :slight_smile:

Here’s some more stuff. A couple quickie digital sketches and a couple more paintings. The paintings were three hour sessions apiece.



that cowboy is amazing


Damn, you’re good!!!


Daniel! Just wanted to come by and drop you a line man…how’s the art going? You still working in Reno and painting bad ass images? I’ve been a slacker myself, but I thought if I could lite a little fire to those that inspire me…It may brake this slump. Anyway man, I hope you are doing well and growing artistically!


Hi Rabid1, nice hearing from you! I’ve been both lazy and busy. Lazy on my web updates, busy with work and teaching. Lately, outside of work, I haven’t spent that much time painting digital pieces. I’m focusing more and more on traditional painting and wanting to improve in that area. Below are a few pieces from my gesture painting class. I have a box of them, eventually I’ll get them all scanned in and post them. And, below the gestures, are a few digitally updates. A couple I posted before but they just kept evolving. I’ll post some more stuff in a couple of days. You have an awsome day, Rabid! Thanks for keeping in touch!



Alright man, that’s what I’m talking about lol! Just lovely stuff, I really like how each portrait has a balanced and diverse color scheme. The brush strokes are always fun to see…kinda like the roadmap of your hand lol. And then some more killer sci-fi digital stuff…that snowy prehistoric monster image is so cool. Glad to hear your staying busy…working on your craft. You ever thought about releasing books with all those life paintings of yours?


Thanks Rabid1 :slight_smile: Nah, I never thought about a book, maybe an ebook. My intention is to redo my blog and have a gesture painting posted everyday. I have enough of them for a good start. In the meantime, I’ll try and post some more pieces tomorrow. I’m glad you like’em, take it easy, bro!


Here’s some more work as promised :slight_smile:


Here’s a little comp that I’ve been working on. I just need to spend time and polish it up, but you get the idea at least.


Here’s some more small gesture paintings. About 45 mins apiece.


and more…


A concept for today. Under an hour.


Right on, you’re back in the swing now! Cool updates Daniel, I really like that nest/egg/bat creature comp…it has a really dynamic composition and a cool feel to it. Inspring stuff…for sure!


wow, love the new illustrations
and the portrait paintings rulle


Really appreciate the remarks, guys. :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s concept:


Here’s an alla prima I did at the figure painting class.


A daily sketch/ 20mins.



Gesture painting from class.


Today’s daily concept, under an hour.