Helzer's Sketches


Hey Dan,

Congrats on the front page image! Your artwork is getting better and better each time I see something new. Keep up the good work and say hi to everyone at Ron’s next time everyone gets together to paint. I miss it and hope to get back to it soon.

Todd White


wow, man. great update!
digging those alla primas, as always, stunning stuff altogether though.


Thanks Jpedro :slight_smile: Yeah, I’ve been on an oil kick lately. I need to start posting digital stuff again!

Hey Todd, thanks for stopping by…as well as, the kind words :slight_smile: I will say “Hi” to Ron for you. In fact, I just returned from one of his studio sessions today. One of Ron’s favorite models posed for us in another Steam Punk outfiit. My contribution can be seen below (the middle one). She had these cool bird wings on her shoulders which made for an interesting design element. Anyhow, great to hear from you and hope to see you at one of the paint sessions!

This is a 3hr portrait I did Wednesday at the Portrait Society, here in Reno.

This is a piece I did today at Ron Spears studio. The model wore a very cool and elaborate Steam Punk costume. I wish I could have captured her whole figure, but that would entail a bigger canvas and much more time :slight_smile:

I did this piece in a 3hr session at the Nevada Museums Costume Portrait class.


You and Ron are turning out some amazing pieces of art. Keep up the great work and for now I will have to live through your work until I can make it back to the painting sessions at Ron’s. Take care and keep up the great work!


Thanks Todd. Actually Ron is giving a painting demo at the museum’s open house tonight. I should be there, but work has been too busy this week. He may put another session together next month. I’m eager…will just wait and see :).

Just a little 25 minute sketch before going to bed.


great stuff


Thank you, Altasa :slight_smile:

“First Sight of the Bounty”


Have yet to see the movie, but looking forward to it! There’s a bigger version on my blog.


quick sketch


Great new works Daniel! Particularly like the last one and the island one (not a big Thor fan myself, but might change after I see the movie :wink: )


Thanks RicoD. I actually thought “Thor” was a fun flick, hopefully you’ll like it too :slight_smile:

“Witch Doctor”


Great updates Daniel! The last few have wonderful texure, brushwork and lighting (so typical lol). I’m interested in the story of this last piece…that tourist seems a bit lost…or maybe not…he seems to have brought a trade offering…but for what?


Hi Rabid, your correct, the guy intends to trade his goat for the services of the witch doctor. I wanted the patron to look like a poor farmer but I think I failed in that area. My wife said he looked like a “tourist” too :). So, with that said, it’s a story of a tourist seeking a witch doctor. Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated :thumbsup:


A couple of sketches


“Time Rider”


Bad ass updates D!


Here’s a small dump of work.

Charcoal Portrait

This is an update from a Star Wars themed comic. Inspired more from the Knights of the Old Republic era. The protagonist is a swashbuckling Jedi who left the order to pursue more material delights. He rarely wins any confrontation with the dark side, but he’s a gifted escape artist and always knows how to get out of a tight situation. I have some more thumbnails for a few more pages. I will eventually get around to doing full-blown renderings…eventually.

This is a piece inspired by the old sci-fi pulp novels.

This is an update of an old piece I did awhile ago.


Love it! Keep going with that story idea, your style and speed would totally make for a great comic. That charcoal piece sorta looks like a young Prince circa 1999 lol.


Man, you are just too damn good


GaryBedell - Thanks…always trying to improve :slight_smile:

Rabid1 - Yeah, I need to put some time aside and expand on it. Hopefully this upcoming winter will give me more time indoors to increase my digital output. Thanks for the good word!

As always, it has been a long time. Just been doing more traditional paintings as of late. Here’s a couple I did at a studio, as well as a couple digital sketches thrown in.


Nice updates Daniel! Very diverse in topic and execution