Helzer's Sketches


Siiilon and Johan, Thanks :slight_smile: I hope the New Year brings both of you the same fortune and promise! I have a feeling it will be a better year for all of us!


My first sketch on a brand new Intous 4. It was way overdue, I’ve owned the same Intou 1 since the 90’s.

Red River


Wow, you did all those previous works with an Intuos 1? About time indeed …

Nice work again, very bold and dynamic! Do you usually just doodle untill you see something and then start to define it more or do you know beforehand what you’ll do?


Hi Rico D

Thanks for the good word. Yes, that’s pretty much my working method. However, I do have a loose idea of what I intend to create. It varies from sketch to sketch. Sometimes it’s borderline stream of consciousness and other times it’s fairly thought out or planned. Regardless of the approach, I try to keep a random percentage of the work abstract by means of destroying pieces of it, smudging areas or painting abstractly on a new layer and erasing little by little until I hit a desirable balance. I hope this answers your question.



Hey thnx Dan! I’m going to try that today. I’ve been looking into creating both faster works and more interesting brushwork. Mine look dead due to overworking, but without they don’t define the ‘right’ forms. I have been using something similar with custom brushes, but only like a ‘finishing touch’ kind of thing. Will try this as a full part of painting!


Good to hear RicoD, I hope you have some good results :slight_smile:


an hour sketch.



This is an alla-prima painting I did last Monday night at a period costume class. The guy’s name was Lance and he wore a WW2 German medic uniform. About 2.5 hrs of oil painting.


Prince of Thieves


Amazing stuff Daniel. Love the Alla Prima Oil Painting, it’s so hard, yet you make it look easy…2,5 h! wish i could have watched you do that.
best and keep it up!


As always, thanks Jpedro :slight_smile: I need to take some photos of my recent stuff and post it.

Here’s a new digital piece:


Hey Daniel, a longer pause huh? Great piece :slight_smile:


Thanks Siiilon :slight_smile: You’re absolutely right, I need to update more!


Here’s one I did to Roberto’s DSF thread. He’s making some changes to his thread and plans to make some additional improvements in the near future. If you like to sketch, definitely check it out!


Art dump! With the exception of the orc, all of these are oil studies. The faces are on 5x8 board and were completed within an hour - plus or minus a few minutes. The larger pieces were done in a 3 hr class, in which, models would pose for that period of time.


Man where do you keep all these paintings to dry :slight_smile:
Love the man with the hat the most.
Great to see the impasto on the quickies too.


…well, I have a cluttered office :slight_smile: At class, I usually give my study to the model if they want it. So, that keeps things a bit more organize. I also paint over existing ones alot until they can no longer be covered, then they’re tossed into trash.

Yeah, I love seeing impasto and brushwork. The cowboy is one of my favs too – I’m keeping that one :slight_smile:

Thanks and good seeing you again!


Did a couple more alla primas over the last couple of days. The first model, Carolyn, dressed up in a Victorian Steam Punk-ish outfit. It was a three hour session. The second model, Ali, came as a gypsy. This was a 5 hour session. Learned a lot and had a great time.


I just love all the oil paintings that you kept posting. Its really well done, the proportion, the color the mood…thumbs up mate!! Love 'em all :buttrock: Keep posting, probably some tutorial perhaps? :wise:


ltken84 - thanks! It’s something I really want to improve upon. In the next month or so, I will post a step by step process. It won’t be too elaborate just some foundamentals. Maybe, I will take progress shots at the next modelling session and explain each step. In any case, thanks for dropping by and giving a good word :slight_smile:

A little study I did of Abe a couple nights ago. About 90 mins.