Helzer's Sketches


Just a doodle that morphed into an interesting abstract piece.


A 15 min. doodle.


Another 15 min.


…a twenty minute doodle.


…yet another one.


12 mins.


Dude, stop it!

you’re “embarrassing” us all :smiley:

Really fresh work with the quickies Daniel, keep spoiling us!


Thanks Johan :slight_smile: Just exploring color and composition with these little excercises. It’s good to hear from you, hope you and the family have fun over the holidays!



30 mins.


Hello Daniel,

What a amazing thread this is. I have spend all day reading this thread and trying your tips and try the things I learn from just looking at your paintings. So much to learn in here, it’s overwhelming.

There are some truly masterpieces in here. you have inspired me so much that I jumped back into drawing and that I’m now at the point that I really want to improve and become much better no matter what. I even signed in, in a figure drawing course immediately after I finish this thread :wink:

I will keep following you, keep up the amazing work.
And thank you for inspiring me.




Hi Paul,

Hey, that’s great to hear :slight_smile: I’m happy this thread can spark your return to the art world! I wish I had more tips and tutorials but I always feel I’m just learning myself. I suppose art is a neverending journey of improvement and education.

I really believe if one practices with the intent to improve, they can acquire a pretty high skill level. For myself, I started out as a graphic designer who enjoyed doodling on the side, then I started this thread and things snowballed from there. At some point, I became really passionate about it and started to set goals. Somewhere, I made a transition from designer to illustrator/concept artist. And, then, a couple years ago, I started taking a traditional media class at night. A year later, that particular instructor had to leave and I was offered his positioned. So, now I teach traditional art on the side.

I say these things, not to tell my life story, but rather, to illustrate that finding something your passionate about can lead to wonderful and rewarding opportunities. I hope you find the ride as thrilling as I have :slight_smile: Keep me updated on your journey!

Wish you the best,


Another wonderful drawing. Thanks for your reply, it encourage me.

I used to draw a lot when I was young but over time it was getting less by the years.
Until I didn’t touch a pencil for a year. I was always disappointed that I didn’t do anything with my “talent”. But as I said before your thread motivates me to get back at it and set some goals for myself, so we will see where it takes me.

I’m also in the daily sketch now really love that thread. Maybe I will start a sketchbook/journey thread when I’m brave enough to post all my sketches :wink:

I will keep you updated about my journey and thanks again.




Yes, the Roberto’s daily sketch is a really fun excercise. Glad you’re joining it. Let me know how things go :thumbsup: Thanks Paul!


For any of you interested in a nice sketching tool, Sketchbook Pro is pretty cool. The pencil tool is worth the program alone. It responds very well and feels very much like a pencil. I sketched out this Hulk in Sketchbook in just a few minutes. Anyhow, the program is pretty cheap…well worth the purchase in my opinion.

Colored it in Photoshop afterwards…


Yeah it is the shiznit :twisted:


yep…also, I like the perspective tool too, pretty nifty :slight_smile:


10 minutes

another 40 minutes

another 2 hours


50 min sketch…


Great updates Daniel, I love the the abstract piece, two little color sketches(1, 2) and also elven piece. Thanks for sharing your process. It’s much appreciated. And I also love this one I saw on your blog.

I wish you happy New Year btw :slight_smile: cu


Yeah Happy Newyear Daniel.

May the new year bring you a truck full of paint and canvas/board,
Oh, and a good deal of brushes too :smiley: