Helzer's Sketches


Hey, thanks guys for the kind words :slight_smile:

The Curse


very powerful - great work again, Daniel!


Hey, thanks Mu :slight_smile:


Ow, the cyan light in the distance is wonderful! How did you progress designing this piece? I love it :slight_smile:


Hi Sillion, thanks for the good word :slight_smile:

Well the piece above was an hour sketch the Daily Sketch Group. The theme being “Alien Landscape”. Underneath it all, it’s just an abstract painting. I laid in some black masses, streaked some with the smudge tool and used a soft brush to gently hollow-out areas.

Then I created some sharp masses in the distance, flipped the canvass around to see if another angle would be more interesting, which it did. It orginally started out horizontal.

Afterwards, I laid in some colors using multiply, overlay and normal modes. Adjusted the levels some. At last, I added a female figure on a separate layer to give the landscape some scale and a touch of humanity.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks, bro!

“The Red Kite”


“The Tree of Life”


“Red Plane”


The Bounty Hunter


The “The Bounty Hunter” is fantastic!
In the “The Tree of Life” I would use more gradient on those rails to lead the eye towards the tree itself. I didn’t saw it until I read the topic. The rails are taking too much static attention. But that’s just me rumbling, I enjoy your sketches so much, keep posting more :slight_smile:


Hi Siiilon,

Thanks about the bounty hunter, it was fun to sit down and get wild with the idea. In regards to “The Tree of Life”, I totally agree with you, a gradient would integrate the pipes better into the scene.

I haven’t posted as much as I would like to. Most of my free time has been dedicated to traditional painting. I’m really trying to improve in that area. Nevertheless, I still plan to post, if nothing else, just to shake the rust off :slight_smile:

Thanks Bro for the good word!


White Dragon


sweet dragon illo…
i’m thinking hobbit in smaug’s cave with a magic ring…sweet :applause:


Hey Thanks SoundWav, yeah it’s a tad Hobbit-ish :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted in awhile, but thought I’d do a sketch tonight.

an hour.


great stuff as usual daniel. specially like the bounty hunter and the red plane from the last page. the surfer is also cool…man, lots to like. i like the space man too, some nice use of structure brushes in there.
good to see you still going strong!


Thanks Jpedro…I wish I could post more but life gets in the way sometimes :slight_smile: I see your thread is still active and strong, glad to see it.

an hour.


Being From The Black Wall


Your sketches never cease to amaze me!


Thanks for the kind words, eilidh :slight_smile:

This is an alla prima portrait I did today in oils. About 2 and half hours.


This is another oil painting I did in a period costume class, last night. I believe it was a 15th century Italian lawyer’s suit. In anycase, I spent about three hours on it.


Beautiful oilwork, really polished, bit of a Rembrandt feel too, love it!