Helzer's Sketches


Some sketches


I love the last piece with the rider on the snail, the colors are very suitable for such a fantasy scene. Keep it up danielh68 :love:


ltken84 - Yeah, I was trying to keep it bright and colorful just like a Spring day. Thanks for the good word :slight_smile:

Jewel Master


You’re welcome mate. Wow the latest one is cool!! I wish Im the Monster. Hahaha… May I know how long does it take you to finish a piece of painting like that? :cool:


Hi ltken84, I did this piece this morning, as soon as I woke up. It took almost 90 mins. Thanks, bro ! :slight_smile:


Wow, thats a very high spirit you got there! 90 mins!! You’re the man! Did you start off from imagination or you’ve already pictured it in your mind? So this is considered as speed painting? I wish to learn from you boss :wink:


whoa last batch of speedies look great!
esp. your figure work

keep rockin


Vatsel - Thanks, man :slight_smile:

ltken84 - Yeah most of this stuff, I guess would classify as speed paintings. I don’t know the precise time that determines such a label, though :slight_smile: I like to think of them more as studies.

Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I follow it through. Other times, I let the painting dictate want it wants to be.

Thanks! Oh, I dig your comic book work :slight_smile: Good stuff!

Tranquility - 10 mins.


Great Updates Dan, love that the last one Tranquility -great technique for a quick one. You’re keeping it in high gear lately, keep rocking!


Thanks Rabid1 :thumbsup:


I love the textures and vibrant colours in this!


Thanks, eilidh :slight_smile:

I haven’t done much digital sketching lately, mostly been analog painting on my free time. Anyhow, I did one tonight just to shake a little rust off.

45 mins.

Sole Survivor.


Robots vs Monkeys


Drunken King


Wow, LOVE the drunken king piece, perfectly excecuted concept, great stuff!


Hey, thanks Outlaw, much appreciated :slight_smile:

A Summer’s Day (acrylic)


Although called tranquility, the brushstrokes are so dynamic and vivid … loving the brushwork, like every stroke was put exactly as intended.


Thanks, RicoD. I went with the intention of painting it, but I kind of liked the brush strokes as well, and just left it as is. Take it easy :slight_smile:

The Moss Thing


Love the eerie yet satirical mood to that last one, you should have called it red unDead revolver XDXD

Great work, love how the cigarette draws me to his face^__^


Hey Daniel,
the Sole Survivor and Snail piece are awesome. >:)