Helzer's Sketches


Outlawstar8489 - thanks for the good word. I’m trying to paint more and more oils but sometimes I get distracted or just simply procrastinate. Like tonight, for instance, I dinked around with this digital piece for an hour and now I’ve lost my energy. Hopefully, tomorrow morning I go straight to the easle :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Twilight…hours worth.


I very like your portraits! …the breustrokes are so strong…!


Thanks Danka! I’m actually working on a portrait study now, but it’ll need a couple weeks to dry before I can scan it. Hear from you later :slight_smile:

A couple digital pieces.


A Sunday morning sketch.


nice concepts and ideas!


Thanks for dropping by jac3d :slight_smile: I’m glad you like’em.

Something I’ve been working on today.


25 min Sunday morning sketch


A Sunday morning sketch


This was for the DSG but I went over the time limit.

Evil Queen


another wicked queen…25mins.


It reminds me of Snow White’s Witch :thumbsup: Well Done Danielh68!!


Yeah, it reminds me of that too. Thanks for the good word, Itken84 :slight_smile:


Hey Dan, hope you had a nice Holiday season…its great to see you keeping up with this sketchbook! I like your Sunday sketches …they seem to have a looseness that really holds up…and always strong compositions. Have you done any traditional stuff lately? Any bigger pieces in the works? Anyway, i do enjoy your quick stuff…can always learn a trick or two lol. Happy new year.


Hi Rabid, yeah, the holidays were pretty good to me. I wish I had more time to pursue art during the break, because most of time was spent traveling. Anyhow, I did have some time this weekend to knockout these to pieces.

I haven’ t done any traditional stuff, as of late. I start a figure drawing class this Wednesday. It’s a class I take on and off throughout the year. The instructor allows me to paint in his studio, as opposed to just pencils and charcoal. I should be able to do some quick gestural studies in oil, although they’ll be too big to scan in. I might take a digital picture of them and post…if they’re any good. We’ll see.

Hey thanks for dropping by. Hope you had a great holiday too :slight_smile:


Hey Danielh68!! The latest post are well done!! The first piece tells me something about Cloverfield. Is this going to be part of Cloverfield II concept art? :smiley: I like how the way the monster has just crawled out of the water and smashed on some objects!! Like it!! Keep it up man!! Love to see more of these stunning artworks!! Happy New Year to you :applause:


Wow, beautiful skin tones, very fleshy! The second one has beautiful colors, only the shapes look a bit too regular. Keep posting dude, wonderful updates! :slight_smile:


ltken84 - Thanks! I wish it was concept art for Cloverfied, but unfortunately it isn’t.

siiilon - Thanks for the good word, yeah I need to bust some more stuff out, just been busy at work.


Ever since they updated the look of the forum, all my artwork on the thread displays a quarter of it’s actual size. In the browser view settinsg it’s set at 100% and the text is medium. I just can’t figure it out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I think it’s a local problem Daniël.
Your images show just as fine as before the layout change.
Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache/temporary files?


Thanks NR43, yeah I’ve tried that to no luck. And, it’s just my browser at home. At work everything displays fine. Even stranger, when I’m making the post, the preview window shows the image the correct size. It’s just when I hit submit and it takes me to the actual thread page all my images are a fourth of the original size. Well, I guess I will just have to roll with it for now :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help. Take it easy.


An acrylic study I did last night of a Conquistador.