Helzer's Sketches


siiilon - Thanks. Like I mentioned earlier, that piece sort of evolved from a blank sheet I used to test new brushes. That belt is from a skull brush I created. I decided to create a whole separate brush file called “embellishments” which contains skulls, gems, trinkets, necklace like patterns and such. It’s still a work in progress :slight_smile:

TedNindo - Thanks, much appreciated. I picked up a bunch of old Walter Foster art books from a garage sale. Out of the bunch, one was “Portraits”. His palette was fairly limited, just burnt umber, raw umber, raw sienna, burnt sienna and white. So, I decided to use it for the above Jane Russel piece. It was fun.

I actually have some oil gesture portraits I’ve been working on and will scan and post them in the near future. They’re still drying. This new round of portraits I’m doing is more in the flare of Nicoli Fetchin’s style…albeit far-far inferior, but I’m learning as I go :slight_smile:

Mu - Glad you like it! I’m really fond of that type of style. Thanks, Mu :slight_smile:

50 mins.

“The Judge”


I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love the lighting and atmosphere of posts #1218 & #1220 (sketches sketch589 & sketch591 respectively). Awesome glazing effects on sketch591.


Thanks, Frenziedmind :slight_smile: I think I used a lot of softlight and overlaying on those pieces.

TedNindo - Yeah, I will try and resume the “Tips” segment again. Actually I totally forgot about it. But if someone gets something from them, yeah definitely. I’ll start thinking of stuff that might be beneficial. :slight_smile:


an hour.


Hi Daniel, the last piece is great. But let me leave few comments if you dont mind :
The crowd of people are totally lost, that’s probably the problem with composition, 'cause the foreground people are more bound to the flying vehicles. Wider canvas, just a bit to the left could solve more things at once. And as for the swarm of flying vehicles, well, if you don’t treat the foreshortening there more carefully the result will look more like flying mud after the explosion rather that futuristic traffic :slight_smile: I would maybe choose the idea of virtual highways, thats a great opportunity to lead the eye better in the composition, would tremendously increase the sense of depth (cause you can bend that highway) and the readability of their meaning would be unquestionable). I hope it’s ok with my comments, 'cause I know very little comparing yourself and know aswell that you make these at nights when you’re really short of time and energy. Anyway, I hope we can communicate this way and share our vision, CU buddy!


Hi Siiilon, I like your comments especially the idea using a virtual highway in there to enhance the perspective. In regards to the crowds and spaceships, I would have to differ with you, solely because this is meant to be a quick and crude sketch. Just an idea or impression that could be developed or abandoned. I usually set myself a time limit, when that time is expired, I stop regardless of incompletion. It’s just an excercise in speed and concept building.

However, if I decide to take this further and turn it into a polished piece, I would definitely consider all your points in an effort to make it a stronger piece. :slight_smile:



An hour sketch

Grave Digger


An hour


Love the grave digger, feels like a slipknot video. :slight_smile:


Thanks Godz. Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Here’s some oil studies I’ve done recently.


The oil paintings are good! How long did it take you to complete 1 portrait?
Is it troublesome when using oil to paint?
Some says oil are difficult to control as its transparent as you paint.

I like the old man with white beard and the one with cap above him :wink: Keep doing it!! Well done.



Man you know how to surprize!
Your last post made my day.
Hope you’ll have a good one too :smiley:


NR43 - I’m havin’ a good one :slight_smile: Thanks for the good word. Here’s another little oil study for today.

ltken84 - It depends, the last two paintings (pretty girl with necklace and young guy with hat) took three hours. All the others averaged about 90 mins. Is it troublesome to work with oil, you ask? Any medium is frustrating when you first start out. So, yes, it can be troublesome. The irony, though, is what one may find troublesome about the medium eventually turns into being the most beautiful and fascinating aspect of it. For instance, I love wet-into-wet painting, it’s very unpredictable and can go off-course very easily. But, occasionally, it can take you to some pretty inspiring destinations. Those destinations, fortunately, become more consistent the longer you paint.

Some say oils are difficult to control as its transparent as you paint? Yep, there’s transparancy and opaqueness. One may choose to use one or the other, or a combination of both. It all depends on the look you are aiming for. My stuff is general opaque because I enjoy using oil almost like a sculptural medium.

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Here’s a study I did last night

Acrylic on board


WOW I’m stunned of your speed mate.
Great sketchbook, I’v watched it from first page and my brain still can’t belive how it’s possible to come out with such great paintings in such small amount of time :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Can’t wait to see more


great stuff daniel as usual. the oil paintings are strong, and it seems to translate well into your digis too somehow, the werewolf pic and the gravedigger both rock.


That’s an update! I love those portraits, and the werewolf and grave digger are great too. Keep up this fantastic work mate.


LogicLost, jpedro, and siiilon thanks for stopping by and giving support. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted in awhile. Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad complications with my right eye due to a Lasik procedure I had done. Since my left eye pulls the workload now , it gets fatiqued more easily.

Anyhow, here’s a digital piece (hrs worth) along with a couple oil paintings.


Sorry to hear about those eye complications.
I know it’s not easy but perhaps you should think about giving both of them some rest.
After all, they are your tools :wink:

Really nice oil paintings btw!


NR43, yeah, I try to give them (or it) a break. I actually had it done 2 months ago and my right eye has been really resistant to heal. It’s still a blur. I’ve been taking steroid drops and antibotics (prescribed :slight_smile: ) for awhile to help booster the healing process. I have another month to see any results. If nothing happens, I have to have some special surgery done. It’s a bummer and a drag. I do give it rest though. Thanks for the good word, Bro!


Very beautiful and inspiring work in all mediums herer, I love your oils, they have a real character to them, I cant wait to see how you progress with them, excellent work, have to keep a closer eye on this thread!!!^____^