Helzer's Sketches


I started doodling in PS during a lengthy phone conversation, 2.5 hrs later this is what I got. Since it’s not a finished painting, I thought I just post it here. Maybe I will post other stuff as time goes by.


u silly boy! do some crappy stuff for a change!



Absolutely gorgeous. :applause: The colors and the figure and his highlights are masterful. Keep talking on the phone during sketches. Take on two phones and draw with your nose. Incredible work. :bounce:


Thanks Squibbit and Ravioli, much appreciation.

Here’s another. 1hr. No reference.


Another 1hr. No ref.


Quickie…half hour. No ref.


u silly boy! do some crappy stuff for a change!

,good stuff mate~love these kinda treatment,interestig brush aporach:)


Thanks Sh@ke!



Little over an hour.


wow really nice!
what kind of brushes do you use?
awesome stuff, can’t wait to see more.


Thanks, Skurai. Well, I use the regular default brush the most, then a few media brushes. The media brushes, I mix-up all the time. I experiment a bit. I don’t really have any elaborate custome brushes, though.

1.5 hr. No ref.


just an hour. No ref.


45 mins. No ref.


slow day at work…
No ref.


These are awesome. They also don’t look like they were done in digital. Great job:)


wow great tectures and lighting on these! Great work!


Thanks a bunch everyone. I think this is the last one before I leave for the weekend.

45mins. No ref.


Just returned from a weekend trip and I wanted to do a few sketches before crashing. Nothing big, just gestures. About 30 seconds apiece.


Decided to expand on gesture sketch #7.


90 mins.