Helpless, Weiye Yin (2D)


I love images that use animals in them, it feels like the frog is so depressed he is dissolving into his environment. Maybe the reason you started with the hand is because you use your hands for drawing and creating, maybe a “artist block” or you’re feeling a little tired and washed away? I hope you are not depressed anymore, because this is fantastic work!


Cool, it reminds me of the Triplets of Belleville :slight_smile:


thaat was very touching , honest and simple


I like the highlights on the frog, it really make it look slimy and wet.

Have you try to choose a different tone for the tin to make it even more “cold” ? Perhaps a greyish-blue tone.

I would probably like the floor color to be even darker than what it is now.

Overall is very nice and creative.


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