Helpless, Weiye Yin (2D)


Title: Helpless
Name: Weiye Yin
Country: China
Software: Painter7 Photoshop7

The picture was drawing when I am in depression, helpless and silly…
The streching hand on the picture expresses the weak resistance and the insignificant of myself.




It’s a nice picture; a stange image - Nice texturing and detail! You say that’s a “stretching hand”? To me it looks like the hand turns into a goo… it doesn’t look like it’s stretching…

Since this picture has an intended meaning, why did you choose a frog? :slight_smile:


wow wow wow!!!
Excellent piece!! Nice texture and lighting!! I like it so much!!
How did u do that!? Did u use any references?


tevih----forg is one of my favorite animals,so I chose him to express my feeling.

dck-----had not any references. :slight_smile:


Great. I like the frog’s expression. match well with the word helpless. :slight_smile:


Just the fact that the frog is stuffed into a tin can tells me of weak resistance and insignificance, not the hand. Anyhow, great work


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


:bounce: good work :buttrock:


Ok…although i am not a painter …i must say i really like your coloring and idea…
Beautifull image!!!


My god thats a disgusting sight! it looks like its head is bloated with gas with one eye fatter than the other…and as for the slimey hand. it reminds me of a ghostbusters toy i once owned that when you squeezed the figure he would inflate and ooz green slime!

good stuff


great work!!!
the frog is cute!!!.. i really think it is cute…to a certain extent, depressed/ helpless, but the majority is cute


This image is awesome! I particularly like the green slime down the side of the can that the frog is in.


VERY NICE ,GREAT WORK.!!!加油 加油 !!:thumbsup:


I definitely get the depressed feeling you were expressing. Now I’m depressed :frowning:


Nice Work…I like it!


Nice work…but it’s actually spreading depression among the CGtalkers…now please be happy and post a happy frog!:slight_smile:


this makes me so sad…the frog is sooo squished…and he can’t even open up his eyes…

this has a great fealing…good work


I really like this one. Reminds of something you might see in a dark alice in wonderland type setting.


i like that alot,great job :applause::thumbsup:
it has a sad sence,specialy the look of the frog.